EVATAC™ Tac-Ready Dog Leash Pets Evatac
EVATAC™ Tac-Ready Dog Leash Pets Evatac
EVATAC™ Tac-Ready Dog Leash Pets Evatac
EVATAC™ Tac-Ready Dog Leash Pets Evatac

EVATAC™ Tac-Ready Dog Leash

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This Tac-Ready Dog Leash is both durable and lightweight. It's made from a high quality and durable 1000D nylon material with a zinc alloy buckle. They are suitable for dog training or daily life. This Evatac leash is a nice choice for all kinds of dogs. It is designed for walking in different environments and running training.

The Evatac Tac-Ready Dog Leash has two handles, one handle at the end and one soft padded handle near the clip. The one close to the clip or collar area is perfect to get control of your dog quickly. This leash is suitable to train dog and will work well with  hunting dogs, Samoyed, Shepherd and are awesome for most sized dogs.

This leash has a quick release metal buckle and the metal hook is made from high-quality zinc alloy material which is super strong!

The bungee leash elasticity provides awesome stretching force. The cushion from the elasticity keeps your arm or your dog's body from getting yanked when your dog changes direction or goes forward suddenly. There's enough stretch that risk of injury from pulling motions is decreased and comfort increases with the elasticity of the bungee cord.

The zinc alloy hook of this tactical training leash can be attached to your dogs vest as seen in the product photos or collar. It can withstand up to 220 lbs.

The leash length is 39-54 inches. It’s easy to adjust the length as required and even easier to keep your dog at the perfect distance for proper training.


  • Tough 2 cord elastic leash
  • Sure Clip™ for fast, secure connection to the collar
  • Padded control handle
  • Thick 1000D Polyester


I'm really happy with this purchase. When we got our 60lb. German Shepherd/Hound mix rescue dog, we didn't quite realize just how strong she would be. This leash has made working with her on her habit of pulling during walks way more manageable, and she's responded beautifully.

The handles aren't the most comfortable things ever, but they're far from the worst thing I've held. The bungee feels like it's high quality and durable, the clip is strong and easy to use, and the length is adjustable so that's another plus. I'd recommend this leash for sure.

Jesse G.

I love the handle close to the collar for when I walk my over excited lab into motels/hotels. It's a super easy way to hold him back cause he forgets his manners at times. The length is awesome!

I've had groomers and vets and just random people ask about the leash and always tell them Evatac Tac-Ready. You can't go wrong. Hands down the best leash to get for a dog. The swivel is great also so leash doesn't get twisted.

Nathan A.

Super simple

super effective



High-quality military camo