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EVATAC™ Stay-Strong Magnetic Gun Mount

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I'm going to give you a reality check, when shit hits the fan how much time do you have to react? Seconds, if that. 

What if...? Your gun is locked in a safe? In a bag somewhere in your car? Just... Out. Of. Reach.

This defeats the purpose of a firearm doesn't it? If you're under duress you have to get to your gun quickly!

You DON'T have time to fumble with safe keys or combinations.
But with this Magnetic Gun Holder you can easily create a wall mount ANYWHERE, be it your closet, bedroom, garage... hell use it a mount underneath the dash of your car.
What this all means is that no matter what... your gun will be within arms reach when you REALLY need it. This will be the last gun holder you'll ever need!


  • Holds an incredible 35 pounds!
  • ​​Heavy Duty & Reliable Design
  • Perfect Firearm Concealer
  • Installs in Minutes
  • New Slimline Design
  • Made to Last for Years
  • ​Soft "No Scratch" polymer face
  • ​Compatible with all metal firearms
  • ​Easily Mount guns under a desk, in a car, behind a door, in a gun safe or anywhere else!


Can I use it as a Gun Holder in my Car?

Of course! Simple as this, find the safest and most easily accessible space in the car. Next, use the included double sided tape to mount it the EVATAC Gun Magnet to the easily accessible spot! Be assured, this magnet will not move and it will hold your gun securely in place, even on the roughest off road trails!

Why use the EVATAC Gun Magnet Mount?
It's simple, our tried, tested and researched Gun Magnet Mount is better than most competitors. Our incredibly strong neodymium magnets have been positioned to avoid any magnetization transfer to your guns or ammo. 

We have also gone out of our way to make sure that the EVATAC Gun Magnet Mount WILL NOT scratch your firearms, the surface is made from a soft polymer to ensure this.

Customer Reviews

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These mounts are great to mount most handguns (I suppose some rifles) in a variety of locations. I placed them under the shelves of my gun safes, on the sides of the center console of two cars, and multiple ones on the dash of my gator (vehicle used to drive to and from my gun range).

They are easy to install and the recessed screws do not scratch or mar your guns. Hold guns securely as I mount fully loaded semi-automatic pistols under the dash of my gator and drive over rough terrain. They also hold loaded magazines securely.

James C.

These are VERY strong magnets! Just one is able to securely hold my full-sized pistol with the red dot and rail-mounted light attached. The rubber coating ensures my setup isn't scratched. Since I only needed one, I was able to install the other one in a second location in my vehicle.

I will say skip the cheap adhesive strips they include. Go straight for the mounting screws. Depending on where you mount, you may not even need to predrill for the anchors (learned that the hard way).

Mark S.

where else can i mount it?

Can I use it as a Gun Holder in my car?


is this product quality?

Why use the EVATAC Gun Magnet Mount?


stay-strong technology

why do i need this?

The Evatac™ Stay-Strong Magnetic Gun Mount is perfect to conceal weapons or store multiple weapons in a cabinet. 

If you're looking for a simple and effective way to mount your guns, this is your answer!