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EVATAC™ RL-350 Laser Sight Firearm Accessory Evatac

EVATAC™ RL-350 Laser Sight

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Built with Purpose:

This high tech laser targeting system will transform your shooting skills giving you deadly accuracy! It allows you to acquire targets lightening-fast (even from the hip) and can double your accuracy almost instantly! Get 20/20 sharpshooter precision, even if your eyesight isn't what it used to be or you wear glasses. Once you've mounted this tactical laser to your gun it's almost impossible to miss your shot!

Key Features:

+ Instant aim improvement

+ Works on any gun with a weaver or picatinny rail

+ Made from lightweight aircraft grade aluminium

+ Wide-range wind direction and height adjusters

+ Over 350 yard range and a working temperature of 10°f-115°f

This really is a great, high performance laser sight with some incredible features.


Materials: Aluminium Alloy
Color: Black
Length: 1.18" (30mm)
Weight: 1.01oz (28.6g)
Range: Over 1000ft (Over 320m)
Laser Class: IIIa
Max Output Power: < 5mW
Wavelength: 625-650nm
Type: Firearm Pistol Assault Rifle Gun Firearm Laser Sight
Suitable For: Any type of firearm including rifles, shot guns, handguns, BB guns and paintball guns - fitted with either a Weaver or Picatinny rail (20mm).
Includes: Tactical laser sight, 1 x rail wrench, 1 x battery wrench, 1 x windage/elevation adjustment wrench and 6 x batteries (includes a BONUS set FREE - because it's always a good idea to have a backup!).

Customer Reviews

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field-tested laser sight.

instantly improve accuracy.

One of the best advantages to this laser sight is that you DO NOT need perfect alignment between your eye, the sight and the target. 

This EVATAC RL350 Laser Sight puts the target and the point of focus onto the same plane


RL-350 Testimonials

I just received this yesterday, so this review will cover first impressions. Product came with nicely packaged. I installed mine on my Ruger SR9 and sighted it in at 25ft in just a couple minutes. The laser was initially off a little bit, but a few turns of the adjustment screws and I'm satisfied with the laser's new point of aim.
The red dot is quite visible indoors and at night, but near useless in the San Francisco sun. That's normal, unless you pay much more money for a green laser. Even then, I would question the usefulness of a laser sight in the daytime. (Besides, green lasers are too bright for nighttime use. I've got one and it hurts to look at in the dark.) If you can see your iron sights okay, use them. At night or in a darkened house, it's exceedingly difficult to line up iron sights. This laser remedies that.

I can't speak to the ruggedness of this item, having not subjected it to rough conditions. If you need a military quality sight, start saving. They aren't cheap. For paint-balling, airguns, long gun in the closet or a handgun in the nightstand, this will work well. Take the money you saved buying this and go to the range.

Summer W.

It is a great laser to use on rifles or pistols. It is very low profile and depending on your scope you could actually put it on the same rail as your scope sits on. In front of your scope.

You will want to use loctite on the threads of the screws and don't move it much meaning don't unscrew it and screw it back on a bunch of times. This can cause the threads to stop tightening it all the way down bye stripping them out. I cannot express enough to use loctite and to choose your area on your gun you want it to be on and leave it there.

If you do that this product is a five Star product. It has great adjustment windage and elevation and holds. In other words it is shockproof. You can use it on your pistol or your rifle.

Note that the weaver rail on the sight is removable, if you need that little bit of extra compactness.

David M.

With a few adjustments



"made for shooters, by shooters"




Improve your accuracy instantly.