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gun bag - [Evatac™ Golden Eagle]
EVATAC™ Golden Eagle Range Bag Backpack Evatac

EVATAC™ Golden Eagle Range Bag

Regular price $34.95

Built with Purpose:

Designed with simplicity and utility in mind. This bag has been designed to hold full-sized firearms, ammo and more!

It not only looks and works great, it is the chosen range bag of armed forces, officers and sportsmen worldwide!

The Evatac® Gun Range Bag has features usually reserved for the expensive bags. Such as the "Quik-Access" Magazine Pouches or full molle abilities.

Equipped with up to 4 exterior zipped pouches and a spacious padded interior with several internal pouches with padding to store all your important gear. This Range Bag also has "Super-Tough" lockable zippers, meaning your gear stays safe.

This bag has been tried and tested by many firearm users from Police Officers, Competitive Shooters and a range of Outdoors People. They love it.

The Evatac® Range Bag has been put to the test, time and time again. It comes out unbeatable every time. I've taken it to the range and it easily fits my Ruger 9mm, protectives for eyes & ears, 4 mags, 2 x 100 round boxes and it all fits nice and snugly. 


Model Type: Evatac Gun Range Bag Pack Backpack

Material: Premium 600D Oxford Cloth

Size: 12in x 4in x 4in (30cm x 10cm x 10cm)

looks great and works great

say hello to quality

You have now found your new favourite range bag. Designed with simplicity and utility in mind. This bag has been designed to hold full-sized firearms, ammo and more!


Verified Testimonials

I looked at tons of different bags for my range gear, I didn't need alot. I need a spot for eyes, ears, ammo, and a couple of handguns.

This bag gave me that, PLUS more. There's room for mags, toolkits, rags, gloves, markers, tape, medkit supplies. I mean... This little bag packs a punch! Tons of room for an awesome price. The zippers seem very sturdy, I like that it holds more ammo than I'll generally take to the range. And still plenty of room for more than a couple of handguns if I need to.

I definitely like this bag, its worked out pretty well for me and my range trips. It's smaller and less bulky than most I've seen, and does exactly what you need.

Mackenzie C.

Well with the quarantine going on, I figured I would do some shopping for some things before I buy my gun. Range bag made sense, as well as muffs and glasses.

This bag is awesome and perfect size for me. There are two things in the bag I am not sure of, they look like some sort of clipping locks. I will ask the manufacturer when get a chance. But size and functionality, it is definitely worth the price. I don't plan on ever owning more than two guns max. I have no need for more than that to be honest.

But those looking at this bag and are curious, it is definitely worth every cent in my mind. I'm sure others will have their opinions and their entitled to them but size and what you want to use it for, you can't do much better!

Daniel T.

looks and works great!

the chosen bag of professionals.


fits more than enough.

compact yet useful!



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