Why You Need a Tactical Flashlight in Your Survival Kit

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A tactical flashlight is a beautiful addition to any survival kit or 72-hour bag. These lights are specifically designed for an individual underground or underwater with little to no light. They have a concentrated beam of brightness and can last hours without battery life!

A tactical flashlight is essential in any weather condition because it can help you see better while navigating unfamiliar territory. At the same time, the bright light helps keep animals away- dark environments are perfect for predators to sneak up on unsuspecting prey unobserved. So whether you're looking to protect yourself from an animal attack or secure your position with unnecessary navigation hazards like uneven ground, a tactical flashlight will always be there for you in your time of need! They're an indispensable item in any survival kit. 

Why You Need an LED Flashlight in Your Survival Kit

It would help if you had an LED flashlight in your survival kit because LEDs stay bright and potent for years. In addition, an LED flashlight is a versatile and durable piece of equipment that can be used as a powerful work light, an emergency lighting device for power outages, a task light when working in close quarters, and protection against wild animals.

If you are ever in a power outage or need to see in a dark space, having a suitable flashlight can be lifesaving because LED flashlights function as an essential safety device. A typical flashlight loads energy from a chemical battery using electric wires and circuitry. This creates a heavy drain on the self-discharge rate, which can cause them to lose charge quite quickly. However, an LED flashlight doesn't use up all its energy this way, so they don't require a constant recharge. A light beam distance is created when electrons become excited with an applied voltage of more than 0 volts-a process known as electroluminescence. 

What's a Survival Kit?

A survival kit is just an emergency kit created for someone who might be traveling singularly. Lightweight, easily portable emergency kits are ideal because it's more challenging to create a weightless rig that can be deployed with two or more people.

A survival kit is a set of items to survive under one's power for indefinite periods in either natural or artificial disasters. This includes but is not limited to specific tools, supplies, and equipment that are used when confronted with three serious emergencies or survival situations. The three most common emergency survival kits are fire safety kits, home safety kits, and roadside assistance kits. In addition, an optional section includes the inclusion of weapons for self-defense against animals or humans in wilderness settings.

Why Do I Need a Tactile Flashlight?

You need a tactile flashlight because it is a type of flashlight that has a tactical tail switch on the body at a location near the pistol grip so that it can be operated without interrupting one's aim by changing from one hand to the other. This feature is desirable for people who have been trained in firearms usage techniques that require two-handed shooting. In addition, some people particularly favor tactile switches because they prevent accidental light changes during high-stress situations.

On top of being great for high-stress situations, having a tactile flashlight on your firearm allows you to use both hands simultaneously, ensuring maximum stability and accuracy while aiming. Tactile flashlights also will enable you to see what you're doing more clearly in dark environments with less likelihood of blinding yourself. And they can also be used as a self-defense tool if needed, as you can use them to hit someone in the face.

What are the Best Tactical Flashlights for My Survival Kit?

Picking the best tactical flashlight for your survival kit is essential. Daybreak Optics makes a high-quality, rugged tactical led flashlight perfect for use in extreme adventure or when wilderness survival becomes necessary. These high-powered lights can be mounted to a rifle with ease and provide powerful light in any environment at night.

Tactical flashlights come in many styles, but they're usually relatively compact and made from durable materials that are dependable in any situation. They also produce reliable light quickly with little need for maintenance. This is why it's important to pick wisely when choosing your emergency equipment - always consider safety first!

Evatac Tactical Flashlight

With the Evatac Tactical Flashlight, one can mount it on a weapon rail, place it on a rifle barrel or handgun barrel to temporarily blind an adversary. This is not just for law enforcement personnel; this is also suitable for hunting enthusiasts who can use it to spotlight game prey at night. It's also great for self-defense situations where one wants to momentarily disorient an assailant without injuring them with traditional firearms rounds.

Klarus Tactical Flashlight

Klarus tactical flashlight has high brightness and is constructed for military and law enforcement. The flashlight body is made from durable aircraft aluminum with knurling on the head and tail cap to provide a more positive grip in wet, cold, or dirty conditions.

The Klarus tactical flashlights come equipped with three modes:

  • High mode at 830 lumens outputting 3250-candela peak beam intensity 910 feet/300m throw distance
  • Medium mode at 220 lumens outputting 1100 candela peak beam intensity 310 feet/100m throw distance
  • A low method providing 50-lumen light output 12 hours runtime length


The THRUNITE TN12 is the next generation of a good tactical flashlight powered by one high-capacity Li-ion 18650 battery. It features three light ranges for different environments� long-distance searchlight, close-range spotlight, and side strobe lighting modes. The back end also provides a programmable, continuously variable method to adjust the beam's brightness from broad flood to concentrated spot illumination. In addition, the flashlight is intelligently designed with no externally visible screws to minimize snagging or uncomfortable "boiling water" moments when you try to turn on your flashlight blindfolded in the field.

The THRUNITE TN12 is one of the most adaptable, powerful, and durable tactical flashlights in the market. It has a max brightness of 12000 lumens which can be used for tasks like hunting, camping, or even your late-night walks. Aside from its corona modes that act as an SOS signal that lights up the whole area with just enough lighting to find where you're stepping next to avoid, there are five different colors--red light for night vision; green light for map reading; blue light to read maps made after 1955; amber ultra-violet mode flashes at ten times per second so long-range targets can be seen through mist or fog but still protects night environment.


NITECORE MH12S is a rechargeable tactical flashlight that's always ready for your protection. The NITECORE MH12S uses Cree XM-L2 U2 LEDs, calculated to emit tactical light output of up to 1200 lumens. In addition, it features an easy-to-use interface, including different brightness levels ranging from 0.1 lumens to 1200 lumens, strobe mode(both fast flicker or slow eery flasher), and SOS escape signal mode–a great way to stay safe during harsh conditions!

Plus, it comes with four brightness selections depending on what you're looking for at the time. Low mode is the only setting applicable if you need the best battery life possible, up to 500 hours.


The Fenix E12 V2 is a tactical flashlight that has a powerful beam, delivers 850 Lumens of light, and has five brightness levels.

The Fenix tactical flashlights offer lightweight construction, robust stainless steel body construction, and impact resistance due to their anti-slip protection. It also includes knurling on the exterior for better grip and a shortcut button on the tail of the Fenix flashlights. In addition, this product is IPX7 water-resistant, which protects from water immersion after being submerged in at least 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes with no corrosion or adverse effects on performance. This will be perfect for those that live in areas prone to thunderstorms and hurricanes and need something reliable during power out.

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