Why Do We Need a Rescue Knife in a Survival Kit?

A rescue knife is a type of blade that has many different uses. For example, a rescue knife can be used to cut through seat belts or clothing, which will help you escape from the wreckage of your car after an accident. It can also be used for hunting and skinning games if you require food or for cutting branches out of the way when you are lost in the woods with no tools at hand. There are so many reasons why every survival kit should include a rescue knife!

Benefits of rescue knife for survival

The best rescue knife by Evatac is much more than a simple alternative to carrying around "just in case," even though many people overlook its utility.

They are much more helpful than most people believe, so knowing how much you can obtain from them is critical. Here's a rundown of five advantages that will help you learn more about them:

Survival in the Wild

A survival knife is arguably the best equipment to have with you on a camping or hiking trip. You probably won't want to bring a machete or a large survival knife that won't fit in your backpack. Instead, you want something small enough to carry in your pockets or bags while functional when needed.

In a wild adventure, you may use one for virtually anything, including cutting kindling or tinder, erecting a tent, slicing or cutting food, and even handling fires without burning your hand, among other things. Making a fire is also easier with one of them; all you have to do is produce a spark with the blade of the stone, and that's it. Even those who go fishing can benefit significantly from one of these. A pocket knife can be a must-have item for any angler, whether it's cutting the line after capturing a big fish or removing a hook from a fish's mouth, among other things.

Handling & Preparing Food

Many people believe it is unsafe; however, a blade length of a folding knife can be a great alternative if you don't have any eating utensils. Depending on your needs, a pocket knife can be used, a fork, or even a spoon. And this is the instrument you need to chop your favorite foods like cheese, bread, or any form of charcuterie.

Remember that one can also be used to cut fruit. When it comes to eating, this is the safest way to use a pocket knife. Slice the fruit you wish to cut, pinch it, and then slowly and carefully put it to your lips, so you don't cut yourself. And there you have it! In your pocket, you'll have a handy eating utensil.

Trimming & Tearing Clothes

The capacity of a pocket knife to quickly trim down and shred clothes is especially handy for persons in the fashion or retail professions. You won't need to use a more powerful or perhaps hazardous instrument. Instead, you can accomplish everything with a wilderness survival knife and avoid any potential hazards.

This is particularly beneficial in emergency cases where someone has broken a limb or has a deep cut on any portion of their body that is covered in clothing. What should I do? Get your pocket knife out and cut through the garment articles to allow someone to treat the wound.

Protection & Self-Defense

A pocket knife is not a weapon until it is called upon to be one. Carrying one of these will protect you from other humans on the street or in the wild, from animals, and more in instances where nonviolence isn't working.

You can use it as a threat, and it will probably suffice. Just keep in mind that it's still a tool, not a weapon, so use it defensively and don't assume it can do more than it was designed to accomplish as you everyday carry the survival knife.

First-Aid and Saving Lives

While a first-aid kit would be the best solution for treating a cut or serious injury, a pocket knife can be helpful in a variety of tasks in an emergency. One of these tools can save your life in various situations, including pulling garments off, removing splinters or items from wounds, and much more.

They're great for fixing problems quickly because you don't have to prepare or shape them. Instead, take it out of your pocket or purse and spread it out. You'll have a pocket knife at your disposal to cut a seatbelt after a vehicle accident, make a bandage out of your gaze, and more. You can even carve messages in rocks or wood with a pocket knife as survival or emergency signals in the woods for someone else to read and help. It could also liberate prisoners in a survival crisis or cut the rope when someone attempts suicide. That's how valuable a pocket knife can be when you least expect it.

Huge Portability & Versatility

You may take it with you wherever; as the name implies, a pocket knife fits in any pocket of your clothing, bag, pouch, baggage, and other objects. Because of their ability to meet in even the tiniest of spaces, they are highly portable and practical, allowing you to have one even in the most unexpected of circumstances.

If necessary, you may also carry a pocket rescue knife with a lanyard. But it's not just because it's portable; it's also because of the incredible foldable design it provides. When it comes to using in a matter of seconds, a pocket knife will not fail you down. To cut or trim anything, pull it out of its storage location and unfold it.

Huge Convenience & Multi-Tool Capacity

Most pocket knives are simple, consisting of a foldable blade that can be used to cut or trim items as needed. It can be used for practically anything that a right edge can use, and it will not let you down. However, choosing a multi-tool pocket knife yields even more and better results.

Some pocket knives have a screwdriver, a nail polisher, a corkscrew, and various other tools on the inside. If the knife merely comes with a blade, you can use it as any other tool without any problems.


You never know when pocket knives or folding knives will come in handy, so don't hesitate to purchase one. But, of course, it's always preferable to own a pocket knife and never use it than to require one and not have one. The blade shape, knife handle, sharp blade, blade steel or material, thumb stud, and edge retention must be considered traditional knives' features.

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