Who Buys Used Tactical Gear?

Whether it's law enforcement, military personnel, survivalists, or everyday gear enthusiasts, there are plenty of people who need tactical gear.

It's important to note that if you're looking for quality second-hand tactical equipment, the price is well worth the investment, considering that these items will last for years. Many factors can impact pricing when searching for a used tactical item, including the condition of the piece in question and where it was sold. You might also stumble upon some hidden gems while price shopping. We recommend taking advantage of sales and sales events whenever they happen to pop up available at outlet stores and warehouses.

Can you sell old military gear?

Tactical gear of all kinds is usually for particular training purposes. This gear is built to last but will naturally lose functionality with time or become obsolete. A lot of the old military gear reclaimed by contractors falls into this category which means YES, you can sell old military equipment. 

An additional resource to check out if you're looking to sell your old tactical assault gear would be auction sites like Evatac or local classified ads on craigslist, where auctions go up at often predetermined times with a beginning bid price and ending date.

Can civilians buy military gear?

YES, but not usually through retailers or leading vendors. You would need to find a secondary retailer that deals solely in the military and first responder equipment meant for civilians who want the same equipment as those working at jobs with heightened risks of injury and death. It would help if you also were careful because we generally do not advise civilians to take on any instances that escalate violence. Civilian ownership of tactical gear does present this potential concern and many other safety hazards (other accessories), such as disabling their muscle-memory training for tactics used by law enforcement and emergency response professionals, so it is always best to consult with someone experienced before jumping into owning military tactical gear.

Can you sell military gear?

It is possible to sell military gear. You need to find the right marketplace for that equipment. Specifically, suppose you are looking to sell tactical gear. In that case, you will need to share your target market with other users on tactical gear stores by posting a question related only to tactical gear stores and what they prefer in terms of items for sale. This should be an easy way to get your foot in the door when it comes to selling military-type equipment both offline and online store.

Can you sell navy uniforms?

YES, you can sell navy uniforms, especially given that they are one size fits all. Top tactical gear is also something that most people don't buy themselves but are willing to purchase with the help of an expert.

Can you buy military gear?

YES. In the United States, it is legal to buy military surplus gear from a private person as long as the transfer complies with federal law and no state has a law against it.

I recommend that you get your gear from reputable sites like Evatac.co because they only sell the best tactical gear, are reliable sellers, maintain transparency in their policies, have reasonable prices with discounts for frequent buyers/membership fees, provide free shipping on orders over $199 (or make it easy to return anything), and even offer money-back guarantees on some of their products. Every company listed by this company post provides these features to make shopping there seamless! 

Can I wear my old military uniform?

Absolutely not. These days, modern military uniforms are designed to be effective in various climates and conditions. Tactical gear stores sell a wide range of items requiring different security clearance levels, but all have the same purpose: To keep members of the armed forces safe and prepared for combat. You cannot wear your old military uniform into a store, but you can take it out to an outdoor clothing retailer for some hard-wearing coats, sweaters, pants, and other items appropriate for all year round use."

To provide service broad enough in scope to satisfy our customer base's needs, we maintain relationships with government agencies who equip police forces across North America with tactical gear." 

Is it legal to sell military-issued gear?

YES, it's legal to sell military-issued gear. However, cheap tactical gear is not often made with high-quality materials like "genuine" military issue equipment. This means that artificially reduced prices are impossible to maintain for any time, given the general assumption that cheaper modes of production always result in lower quality goods. For this reason, companies find themselves barely breaking even or finding themselves in hot water when they try to pass off cheap items under their brand name because it can be challenging for customers to tell if they're being duped into buying an inferior product.

Can civilians own tactical gear?

YES, civilians can own tactical gear. Tactical gear comes in many different forms, including clothing that is designed for specific purposes. For example, urban tactical gear is military-inspired designs meant to help combat crime, evade police detainment, and stay safe without making too much of a visual statement. The garments range from simply stylish cargo jackets or shirts to utility elastic pockets or sleeves capable of holding small objects out of sight in spaces not usually used by civilians like military trousers or on shoes' soles. 

Just be warned that civilian versions may not last as long as quality-made arrangements purchased online made explicitly for military use, which can span years before needing replacement.

Final Thoughts

If you're looking to sell your old military gear, we can help. We buy and sell all sorts of used tactical equipment, including guns, rifles, vehicles, and other items that may be government-issued or from the U.S. Navy (such as uniforms). The best place to start is by browsing our online inventory to describe what we're buying at any given time. And if you have questions about anything else related to selling us your old military gear - such as whether it's legal or not - please do visit our website at Evatac.co! Our team loves talking about these types of topics and will do their very best to answer your question(s) promptly and thoroughly."

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