What Do You Need to Know about MOLLE Packs and How it works?

MOLLE packs are a type of pouch that is typically used for military purposes. They can also be utilized in civilian life and there are many benefits to MOLLE packs. For example, MOLLE pouch  allow you to carry more items without having the weight on your back as traditional backpacks do. This means MOLLE packs will make it easier for you to transport things after an adventure or hike and they're perfect for camping trips! In this blog post, we'll talk about what MOLLEs are, how they work, and why they're such a great way to store belongings when camping or hiking.

How MOLLE Works

PALS is a nylon webbing used in MOLLE gear (Pouch Attachment Ladder System). PALS are muscular, woven straps that can be used with MOLLE webbing to provide attachment points for any equipment. These loops are 1 1/2′′ in diameter and spaced 1′′ apart to allow you to customize your carry arrangement. And make sure that any gear you use is balanced.

Make careful to plan precisely how you'll set up your MOLLE backpack. You want a balanced weight distribution and quick access to vital objects. For example, if you need a knife quickly, you don't want it on your back (out of reach). Tactical pouch with high-speed gear, radio pouches, ammo pouches with MOLLE straps are good MOLLE systems. So layout your tactical gear and make sure everything has a home.

How To Attach MOLLE System

While a MOLLE system is simple to operate, it is not like putting up a Christmas tree. You can't just put your gear on it and go on a hike in the woods. Instead, it would help if you secured your objects to remain where you put them. You also don't want things to be overly loose, causing them to droop or swing. Anything that moves can collide with something else and cause a commotion because that could jeopardize your hunting cover (or being hunted). Anyone can carry things by threading an attachment strap through the webbing. However, if you want to properly store your survival and battle gear, you'll need to employ a more robust method. The easiest way to ensure a stable load is to weave it in an interlocking pattern.

Feed the straps through the row of webbing where the piece of equipment will be attached. Then, on the accessory, weave the straps back through the webbing.

How To Attach MOLLE Accessories

While using a MOLLE system is simple, it isn't the same as putting up a Christmas tree. You can't simply put your kit on it and go for a hike in the woods. Instead, secure your objects so that they stay put.

You also don't want things to dangle or swing around if they're too loose. Anything that moves about has the potential to collide with anything else, causing a commotion. Because doing so could jeopardize your hunting cover (or being hunted). Anyone can carry their belongings by attaching a strap to the webbing.

However, a more robust strategy is required to stow your survival and battle gear effectively. For the most secure load, use an interlocking weave, utility pouches, plate carriers, or hidden pockets. First, feed the straps through the row of webbing where that piece of equipment will be fastened. The straps should then be woven back into the accessory's webbing.

Ability To Expand Your Bug Out Bag

EVERY responsible adult should set aside time to plan for a future emergency as hydration compatible. This covers the possibility of a bug-out situation. Check out this article even if you don't think you'll ever need to bug out. It explains seven reasons you could be forced to bug out (even if only temporarily).

The mainline is that if you need to get off the beaten road for an extended period, you must lug as much kit as possible. And the best way to address that demand is using MOLLE pouch.

Hands-Free Combat

An IFAK pouch, hand weapons, tools, and other tactical kits are essential. How will you manage to carry all of this while still being able to wield a handgun or tactical battle knife?

It's simple if you have a plate carrier vest or a MOLLE-compatible battle belt system. It allows you to keep your hands free during all life-threatening combat scenarios.

FAST Access to Critical Gear

A Medical Pouch is one of my favorite MOLLE accessories. Why? Because every second matters in a medical emergency. As a result, having a medical pouch on the outside of a pack eliminates the need to search through a bag for it. Instead, you can rip that medical pouch opens as quickly as possible.

Gear That Works With MOLLE

The following is a list of critical gear that you can fasten with MOLLE:

  • EDC – Everyday Carry includes a basic first-aid kit, knife, and flashlight.
  • IFAK Bag - Having a comprehensive medical and trauma kit in your pack may be the essential piece of equipment you have.
  • One thing is sure about the magazine pouch. If you require additional rounds of ammunition, they must be readily available.
  • Water is crucial for any outdoor activity, so bring a canteen carrier. It will help if you stay hydrated. Hence a water carrier should be included in your MOLLE. That way, you'll be able to get there quickly.
  • Pouches for All Purposes – You'll always need more room to carry "must-have" stuff. You can acquire gear pouches of various sizes to stow any small items you want to take with you.
  • Holster Pouch - This accessory allows you to carry additional weapons in addition to your standard holster. A knife holster, a rifle holster, or a grenade pouch are all options.
  • D-Rings — D-Rings are used to provide rapid connection points for various goods.
  • Flashlight - You never know when you'll need a flashlight, and you don't want to have to dig through your suitcase to find one.
  • Radio Pouch - In a survival crisis, communication is critical. So it's also crucial to keep a radio or smartphone in a convenient, easy-to-reach spot on your MOLLE system.

Best MOLLE Packs On The Market Today

We've done all the legwork for you at Skilled Survival, so you don't have to. Instead, take a look at some of the most excellent MOLLE systems on the market. EVATAC, The first MOLLE backpack on this list I use as my EDC bag (daily carry) and my bug-out bag. This bag is covered in MOLLE from the sides to the back to the cover flap. This is beneficial since you don't want to run out of MOLLE when constructing your bug-out bag. As a result, it's a MOLLE-based pack. In addition to MOLLE, this is a high-quality pack in general. It has the following features:

  • Non-snag zippers of superior quality
  • At all high-stress places, double stitching is used.
  • Fabric that is resistant to abrasion
  • For clever organizing, there are ten separate sections.
  • It's also not TOO LARGE OR TOO SMALL.

And that's critical. If your bug-out bag is too huge, you'll stuff it with way too much gear, and it'll become a 70-pound back-breaking burden. So pack. It's not too big, but it's not too small so that you can carry all of your essentials. And, thanks to the MOLLE system, you may gradually increase the quantity of gear you have. If you're searching for an excellent all-around pack, the EVATAC battle bag is a good choice.


Molle packs are a form of pouch commonly utilized in the military. Molle packs have a lot of uses in civilian life, and they have a lot of advantages. Make sure you plan out how you'll put up your MOLLE backpack carefully. While a MOLLE system is straightforward to use, it is not like setting up a Christmas tree. You want a balanced weight distribution and rapid access to essential goods. You can't just strap it on and go for a walk in the woods. Instead, it would be beneficial if you secured your interests so that they stayed put.

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