What Are The Things to Consider in Choosing Gun Car Mount?

Gun car mounts have become a popular gun storage solution for gun owners. Not only are they great for gun safety, but they also allow gun owners to carry their guns in a concealed manner. If you're looking for the perfect gun car mount, consider these things: how many guns will be stored? Will your gun fit onto the gun holster mount? Is it safe enough to store your weapon on this particular type of gun mount? All these questions need to be answered before purchasing a new car gun mount!


One of the most significant advantages of utilizing a vehicle holster while driving is comfort. Instead of jabbing into your side or pressing against your back while driving, your gun can be safely stored within easy reach. Also, on the mental side of things, car holsters are very reassuring. You'll have a piece of mind knowing that your gun is close at hand if you need it while driving.


It's not easy to draw your sidearm from a standard carry holster while seated in the driver's seat. While it is feasible, any semblance of fluidity or smoothness is frequently lost. Those details can make all the difference in a life-or-death emergency. In addition, a gun mount for car makes it considerably easier to draw from your typical sitting posture while driving, which is critical in the event of an emergency.


You could believe that keeping your sidearm in your hip holster or rear belt holster is a safer option when driving. But, on the other hand, modern automobile holsters are incredibly secure and will keep a firm grip on your pistol even over the toughest roads and potholes.


Automobile holsters are available in various attachment techniques, both in how they attach to the car and how they retain your sidearm. Magnetic and holster attachments are the two most common types of pistol attachments. However, a car holster can also be mounted to your vehicle in a variety of ways. This allows you to select a car holster that meets your requirements.

What Are The Best Gun Car Mount on The Market?

Let's go to the leading best rated gun car mount, which you've all been waiting for! 

Stinger Magnetic Gun Holder

For those who do not want to drill holes in their vehicle to place a car holster, the Stinger Magnetic Gun Holder is a great solution. This option comes with a 6" by 6" sticker pad that may be stuck to any clean, flat surface. A magnetic pistol holder with a trigger guard is then attached to the pad using a sticker and two zip ties provided.

EVATAC™ Stay Strong Magnetic Gun Mount

If you're looking for a simple, tested, and researched Gun Magnet Mount, go no further! Evatac Magnetic Gun Mount outperforms the majority of competitors. Our super-strong neodymium magnets have been strategically placed to prevent magnetization transfer to your guns or ammunition.

These magnetic mounts can hold up to 35 pounds and are made of durable and reliable material. It's an excellent firearm concealer that takes only a few minutes to set up. It's built to last a long time and is compatible with all metal weapons. So Mount firearms behind a desk, in a car, behind a door, in a gun safe, or anywhere else with ease! 

We've also gone to great lengths to ensure that the EVATAC Gun Magnet Mount does not scratch your firearms; the surface comprises a soft polymer.

Keeper Magnetic Gun Mount & Holster

The Keeper Magnetic Gun Mount & Holster is an excellent solution for those who want simplicity. The rear of this automobile holster is made of a single piece of metal with four mounting holes and a strong neodymium magnet that can handle up to 35 pounds. It also comes with a rubber anti-scratch cover and four mounting screws.

The tiny design allows this car holster to be mounted practically anyplace in your vehicle, measuring only 3.75"L x 1.40"W x 0.30"H. Keeper's Magnetic Gun Mount & Holster is universally compatible and may be installed at any angle. With this holster's quick access, you'll always be prepared for any situation.


Anyone who has to carry a firearm should consider keeping their pistol secure and accessible while driving. Before buying the best car holsters, make sure you've done your homework on the gun laws and regulations in the area you'll be driving in, like securing your concealed carry permit. If you're looking for the best magnetic gun mount for car that you can install in your steering wheel column, we have here at ApeSurvival. 

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