What Are The Most Effective Push Dagger Knives For Self Defense?

Push dagger knife is one of the most effective type of knives for self-defense. These weapons are designed to be easily carried on your body, so you can always have them with you at all times. They are also great because they don't require any training or skill to use effectively against an attacker. This article will talk about what push dagger knives are and which ones might be best for your needs.

What Makes the Dagger Knife Effective?

Choosing the best dagger knife for self-defense goes beyond appearance, design, or marketing hype. The questions to ask are: Will it is strong enough to defend you every time? Will it serve its purpose efficiently and effectively? Will it deliver the same results every time you unsheathe it? This is the foundation of a good knife.

The push dagger takes the cake in terms of speed and convenience when it comes to self-defense knives. It's small and compact, fitting easily into a boot or pocket. They have a fixed blade, so there's no need to worry about clogged mechanisms, and a teardrop design makes them ideal for use in emergencies.

CRKT Tecpatl “Forged By War”

It's a shorter dagger knife, measuring 8.81" overall and 3.38" in length, with a simple blade edge and a stunning powder coat finish. At 5.60oz, it's light and agile, making it easy to pull out when needed. The blade comprises SK5 steel, excellent hunting, and survival steel. Its composition is as follows:

  • .9% carbon, for edge retention and rust resistance
  • .30% chromium content for edge retention and rust resistance
  • Nickel is used at a concentration of 25% to increase hardness.
  • .50% manganese to improve brittleness and hardness
  • .35% silicon to enhance strength
  • Copper (.25%) is used to prevent corrosion.
  • To boost strength, add.03 percent phosphorus.
  • The sulfur content of.03 percent is added to increase machinability.

In terms of looks, the knife takes the prize. It has a finger loop and an enlarged finger groove for optimal support, stability, and security when handling, as well as Sugar Skull laser marking on the black powder coat. It's important to note that this knife isn't sharpened on both sides. Thus it's legal to carry for EDC. Previous knives that are sharpened on both sides may be illegal in several areas. Subtle motifs adorn the carbon handle of this knife, lending it style and personality.

This knife includes a Boltaron sheath and a spring-loaded MOLLEE compatible gear clip for quick extraction and use. Because it is MOLLEE compatible, this is an excellent tactical knife for training. The sheath is compact, long-lasting, and lightweight. In addition, the concealed knife is small enough to fit in a purse, pocket, or boot.

Benchmade Adamas 175BK

The Benchmade Adamas 175BK is an excellent example of a tactical push knife: it's straightforward, darkly colored for concealment, and has a small profile that makes it easy to conceal. It's a little shorter than the others, measuring 5.47", with a blade length of 2.50" and a thickness of.13". It has a flat blade grind, a superb black finish, and a straight edge.

This blade is crafted with 440C steel, regarded as a premium, "upper end" material. It has a hardness grade of 58-60 RC on average. It is more resistant to edge wear over time and is now rust-resistant. This is unquestionably higher-quality steel, especially considering the price. For those who prefer a minimalist style, this knife's big open handle and slender shape are ideal. It doesn't take up much room with a big hefty grip, and it fits neatly into a pocket or a boot. Thanks to the open handle, it may also be hung from a lanyard or backpack. It's not going to win any beauty contests, and it's not supposed to: this knife is meant to be robust and practical.

This is an excellent push dagger with a price point of less than $100, solid steel quality, and a comfortable grip that doesn't take up much space.

Cold Steel Safe Maker

This blade's design is modest, yet few things are scarier than a naked blade staring at you, with nothing but air between your knife and a 4-inch dive into an aggravator. On the other hand, this knife is pleasant and easy to hold, thanks to its shock-absorbing and soft Kraton grip. Model I is constructed of AUS-8A steel, whereas Model II is constructed of AUS-8 steel. These are both made of the same steel. However, 8A has previously been heating treated and "relaxed," whereas eight has not been heated.

In terms of use, this is a fixed blade knife, so there's no need to worry about deployment or unintentional deployment. There's always the possibility that the mechanism on an automatic knife will become clogged or malfunction, leaving you looking like a moron with a stubby grip in your hand. The only thing stopping you with a push dagger is the sheath. For quick extraction, clip the sheath to your boot or belt.

Cold Steel Urban Edge Double Serrated

This Cold Steel knife may not appear to be much, yet it packs a powerful punch. It's a little knife, with an overall length of 4.125" and a blade length of 2.5," but don't dismiss it. It has a satin finish, a chisel blade grind, and an utterly serrated edge.

What use is a serrated edge, you might wonder? Consider the difference between a butter knife and a steak knife. A butter knife is ideal for slicing anything soft and pliable with little to no resistance. A steak knife is designed to cut through meat and tendons. That is a serrated blade. If someone comes at you with malicious intent, this sword edge will help defend you. This blade is composed of AUS-8A steel once more. It has a relatively low carbon concentration, which means it resists rust better and sharpens more easily.

Cold steel knives resemble the last candidate: tiny, compact, solid grip, fixed blade. Because this knife has a fixed blade, the most challenging part of utilizing it is getting it out of its sheath quickly enough.

Schrade SCHF54

The steel used to make this blade is 8Cr13MoV. It is a Chinese steel that performs similarly to AUS-8 and is stainless, so it will resist corrosion but may dull soon. It's not a high-end metal, but it does the job and won't break the money.

This knife has a reasonably standard push dagger appearance in terms of design: a shorter blade followed by a stocky handle with a decent grip. This knife does contain finger grooves, which provide better control and security when gripping the knife. The handle is composed of rubberized TPE for comfort and stability. If there's one word to describe this knife, it's "sufficient." The steel isn't spectacular, and it won't win any beauty contests, but it's affordable, sturdy, and of high quality, and it will do its job well and without fuss.

Benchmade SOCP Dagger

The blade is composed of 440C steel and has a hardness rating of 58-60 RC. 440C steel offers the highest hardness, strength, and wear resistance of any 400 series steel. In addition, it has a high carbon content and is moderately corrosion resistant. Because of its excellent hardness and resistance to rusting, this steel is considered "higher-end," but for $97.75, it is still reasonably priced.

There's no getting around it when it comes to design: this is a lovely knife. Even when encased, its sleek skeletonized silhouette takes up little space. The finger loop is both stylish and functional: there's no fear of dropping the knife or having it taken away from you during a fight. Also, because the blade is so long, you don't have to get as close to your opponent to strike at them. This knife's sheath is almost as thin as the blade itself: it resembles a pen from a distance. The finger loop can be attached to a lanyard or affixed to a belt or pocket for easy retrieval. To summarize, this knife is clearly on a higher tier than the primary rivals. It's more aesthetically beautiful (which doesn't matter compared to other qualities, but it helps), thinner and more streamlined, constructed of premium steel for cutting, and has more than inexpensive features.


The Evatac Combat Dagger does not shy away from the limelight; it is a fixed, double-edged blade that has been skillfully crafted. It's risky to use asymmetrical shapes to the point.

The handle has a palm swell grip, so it will always feel natural in your hand when holding this black dagger knife. The handle also has a custom printed rubber covering; you won't find a blade that feels as good in your hand.

This is the ideal defense weapon because of the highly sharp double edge. A quality 600D built sheath with belt clasp is also included, making this easy to deploy, always carry a weapon.


It is challenging to select the perfect tactical dagger knife for your needs and at a great price. Of course, you want to be sure it's long-lasting, dependable, and sturdy and that it's made of high-quality materials that won't fail you. But you also don't want to spend a fortune on a 6" piece of equipment. That's why we took the time to narrow down some of the most outstanding options from either end of the spectrum: affordability over quality vs. quality over cost. That being said, all of these daggers that work correctly are under $100, which, in the world of blades, is a steal.

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