What Are The Different Types of Dagger Knife?

A dagger knife is a type of fixed blade knife that is designed for stabbing. It has a thin, sharp blade typically pointed at the end. Daggers are often used as weapons, and they can be very effective for close-quarters combat.

There are many different types of dagger knives, and each one has its own unique set of features. Some daggers have curved blades, while others have straight blades. Some daggers have handles designed for stabbing, while others have handles designed for slashing. Here are the different types of daggers.

Push Dagger

A push dagger is a small, double-edged knife designed to be pushed or "thrust" directly forward rather than swung. The black dagger knife by Evatac pictured here is a popular example of this style of knife.

These knives are typically relatively small, making them ideal for personal self-defense. They are also surprisingly effective at piercing through targets due to their sharp double-edged blades, and they can be easily concealed in clothing or tucked away in a pocket when not in use.

For these reasons, push daggers to make excellent everyday carry knives can be a valuable last line of defense in an emergency situation.

Scottish Dirk

The Scottish Dirk is considered the best dagger knife. It has a long, narrow blade perfect for stabbing and slicing. And because the blade is so thin, it can easily penetrate through armor or clothing. The handle is also made from hardwood, which provides a solid grip and ensures that you won't lose your hold during a fight. Plus, the Scottish Dirk comes with a sheath to protect the blade when you're not using it. So if you're looking for an effective and durable dagger knife, then the Scottish Dirk is worth considering.

Bollock Dagger

A Bollock Dagger is a type of tactical dagger knife specifically designed for self-defense against assailants in close quarters.

The Bollock Dagger gets its name from the bollocks, or testicles, one of the most vulnerable areas on the human body. The dagger's curved and pointed blade is specifically designed to easily penetrate this sensitive area, inflicting maximum damage and incapacitating the assailant.

The Bollock Dagger is also equipped with a sturdy handle that provides a good grip, even in wet or icy conditions. This makes it an ideal weapon for personal self-defense in any situation.

Stiletto Dagger

A stiletto dagger is a tactical dagger knife designed for use in close-quarters combat. It has a slender, tapered blade that is sharpened on both edges and can be used for stabbing and slicing attacks. The knife's hilt is typically made from cast metal and features a finger guard to protect the hand during combat.

The stiletto dagger is a highly versatile weapon and can be used for offensive and defensive maneuvers like the dagger knife by Evatac. It is particularly effective as an emergency weapon for self-defense, as it can be easily concealed in a pocket or purse.


The cinquedea is a unique and iconic Italian dagger that was popular during the Renaissance period. It features a distinctive, curved blade that makes it perfect for both thrusting and slashing attacks. And because it's so thin and lightweight, it can be wielded with incredible speed and precision.

This makes the cinquedea an ideal weapon for close-quarters combat, and it has been known to be quite effective in disabling or killing an opponent in a single stroke. But, on the other hand, many experts consider the cinquedea one of the most deadly daggers of its time.

Bagh Nakh

Bagh Nakh is a deadly Indian dagger knife that can kill with a single strike.

The Bagh Nakh is a fearsome weapon that the Indians used for close-quarter combat. The knife is made from a single piece of steel and has a sharp spike on one end and a curved blade on the other. It can be used to slash or stab an opponent, and the spike can be used to rip out his eyes or break his neck. Because of its design, the Bagh Nakh can be used in both stabbing and slashing attacks, making it very versatile in combat. With its sharp spikes and deadly blades, the Bagh Nakh is capable of inflicting devastating injuries on an opponent.


Jambiyas is a type of dagger that is popular in the Middle East and North Africa. They are often used for self-defense and as a utility tool. Jambiyas vary in size and shape, but they all share a common design with a sharp blade and a hilt that can be used for stabbing or slashing.

Due to their sharp blades and versatile functionality, jambiyas are becoming increasingly popular as a tactical weapon worldwide. They are easy to conceal and provide users with effective self-defense in dangerous situations. Jambiyas can also be used as an everyday tool for opening boxes or cutting rope.

Trench Knife

A trench knife is a type of dagger that was specifically designed for military use. It has a double-edged blade and typically features a knuckle guard or hilt to protect the user's hand.

The trench knife was first developed during World War I for close-quarters combat. However, it quickly proved to be an effective weapon and widely used by Allied troops. Today, it remains a popular choice for infantrymen and special forces operatives alike.

Tactical knives are often compared to trench knives, as they share many of the same features. However, there are some key differences between the two types of knives. 


Kalis is a dagger knife that is used for self-defense. It has a double-edged blade that is six inches long, making it the perfect size for close-quarters combat. The handle is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand, and the knife also comes with a sheath for easy storage.

The Kalis has become a popular choice among law enforcement officials and civilians alike because of its superior design and functionality. It offers an excellent balance between strength and weight, making it easy to control during use. And the double-edged blade provides extra cutting power when you need it most.

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