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The best Survival knife for backpacking and hiking isn't overly expensive since it will inevitably be lost or broken.

The word "survival" implies the need for an outdoor blade during cold weather or other challenging conditions. Survival knives are usually hefty knives with a full tang and flat ground edge. A survival knife often has an ugly appearance to it which also helps keep away would-be thieves. There are many fancier-looking knives by comparison, but the last thing you want in a survival situation is to blend into your surroundings or draw unwanted attention from attackers who might think you're well-equipped enough to fend off an attack without too much effort on their part. 


EVATAC™ SHADOW BLACK RESCUE KNIFE is the perfect tool for self-defense. This rescue knife is 4.63 inches of pure strength and precision, offering durability and weightlessness while remaining ready to use at all times. It's built with titanium cutouts on either side of the blade, which provide ample grip while offering emotional cutting power. In addition, the ergonomic handle fits comfortably in hand, never growing too slick with sweat or blood - making it easy to use for anyone from a skilled hunter to a law enforcement officer.

It might be small, but it holds up big - holding an edge without losing sharpness whether you're skinning food or cutting through plastic bags.


Spyderco Dragonfly 2 in ZDP-189

The Spyderco Dragonfly 2 is an excellent survival knife. It has a blade length of ZDP-189 that can cut through almost anything, including ropes or straps, nails, and wood. And the best thing about the edge is that it's easy to sharpen - you can even use a piece of sandpaper on concrete for this! For those who are wondering whether this knife will be waterproof enough to withstand extreme environments with constant exposure to water or moisture, don't worry - it won't rust under any condition!

After all these advantages have been given about the Spyderco Dragonfly 2 survival knife, one may be inclined to buy it - but they might not know if their temperament is suited for knives in general.


The EVATAC™ Black Combat Dagger is the ultimate durable, versatile survival knife. It combines the strengths of a dedicated defensive blade with the versatility and utility of a survival knife into one lethal instrument. The signature design provides an unimpeded grip for thrusting, slicing, and slashing motions, which means that the weapon is equally at home in hand-to-hand combat as it cuts branches or splits firewood. With ten inches length of the double-edged blade to slash through any material up to 1/2 inches thick with power and panache, this dagger has both speed and strength to take on anything mother nature throws your way.

The EVATAC™ BLACK COMBAT DAGGER is an excellent tool for outdoor activities. With the innovative handle, handles are ergonomic and can adjust blade position to 3 preset positions without screws or tools. In addition, the blade's bent shape prevents food from sticking to it, has a serrated edge for cutting rope and plants in terrain, and can be used in intimate settings, including in human targets. A remarkable survival knife choice at an affordable price! Available through with Prime shipping.


Benchmade Bugout

The Benchmade Bugout is a survival knife with many features to take on any environment, whether it be the deep woods, the mountains, or even urban settings. The blade of this all-purpose knife is made out of 3V carbon steel for maximum strength and durability. It also has an ergonomic profile, so it's comfortable to hold for long periods. There are jimping sections at regular intervals to give great purchase when cutting things, which you'll find handy when trying to keep your bearings when climbing steep hillsides in search of water in an emergency. Lastly, there's also a nail nick in the blade so you can open the pivot with one hand. 

The Benchmade Bugout was designed for survival in the harshest environments. Toughness is its defining characteristic, but this knife has a host of details that are well suited to daily utility tasks. For example, a tungsten-carbide cutting edge means this blade will stay sharp much longer than other steel blades. Beyond the blade, there's also a comfortable Kraton G-10 grip with an ergonomic scale pattern and grip inserts constructed from rubberized material for control even when wet. Underneath the clip, you'll find four feet of paracord with 550 lb tensile strength--providing plenty to rig up shelters or lash together tools without worrying about knots slipping loose over time.


EVATAC™ PATRIOTS EDITION RESCUE KNIFE is a specialty knife that offers the ergonomically practical and reliable design of an EVATAC knife. The 2nd Generation Rescue Knife provides an ultra-tough fixed edge with serrated teeth to perform sewing, cutting, and prying activities. This dependable folding rescue knife is a must for emergency personnel and outdoor adventurers alike; this reliable folding rescue knife is one of the most valuable tools you'll ever own. Can use the Damascus cold steel blade of this sturdy knife in an emergency to cut through seat belts. The textured rubber handle gives a solid grip and absorbs shock when the user pounds it with a hammer to break tempered safety glass.

The EVATAC™ PATRIOTS EDITION RESCUE KNIFE is the United States of AMERICA themed tactical survival knife. Housed under the hilt of this dual-sided straight blade are two solid and long teeth saws that can aid you in many situations once you have obtained this valuable tool for yourself. For example, using the serrated edge of the saw on one side, or both sides together will enable you to cut through objects with speedy ease- cleaning up branches for firewood, removing limbs from trees, and cutting down larger bushes are just some examples. The tip of these blades is also instead punctured resistant, making them perfect for digging into hard ground or wood that is tougher than your average material without dulling.




Three Rivers Manufacturing Neutron

Three Rivers Manufacturing Neutron is a top-of-the-line product that I enthusiastically recommend. It comes with everything you need to survive in any situation, so if you are not careful about looking for an option, this might be the perfect choice for you. The blade on this thing is sharp enough to cut through anything so it can get through thick ropes or hunting small game without trouble. Another advantage of the knife is that it has good traction, which means getting a good grip while using it doesn't budge about no matter how hard you are trying. 


The EVATAC™ Woodlands Camo Rescue Knife is a survival knife that also has the bonus of looking great. A full tang, a military-grade design that will never break or dull and is guaranteed tough.

It is designed to aid first responders, military personal, and outdoor enthusiasts. The central concept for this blade was heavily based on the idea that it can be used as an emergency or general-purpose survival knife. It features a 3mm thick drop-point blade fashioned from solid 420 stainless steel with a stunning woodlands camo finish. This blade has been heat-treated to create hardness, durability, and acute edge retention. The handle provides for quick access under any scenario with the integral pocket clip, designed to make one-handed use effortless whether the left or right hand is dominant. 

The EVATAC™ WOODLANDS CAMO RESCUE KNIFE features a 3" blade and a camouflage handle- the combined length being 7 ½" from the blade's tip to the spine of the spine blade. That should be enough length to cut through just about anything.

There is no such thing as a "universal" all-in-one survival knife. The best survival knives are the ones that you train with. So to prepare for your next outdoor adventure, purchase this EVATAC™ WOODLANDS CAMO RESCUE KNIFE at to have at hand during your excursions. And Get this one also for your pack or bug-out bag, and know you've got a durable and dependable blade to get you out of trouble. Stay safe while looking good!


EVATAC™ DIGITAL CAMO RESCUE KNIFE is a simplistic yet reliable tactical knife designed explicitly with survival in mind. In an urban environment where violence against law enforcement officers and civilians is on the rise, this Zero Tolerance Fixed Blade Knife has been crafted with durable stainless blade steel so you can prepare to face any threat head-on. Additionally, the black edge of this time-tested weapon features a digital camo pattern that helps hide it from potential suspects while you're carrying it at your side or clipped to your belt. 


Final Thoughts

The best knives for backpacking and hiking are the ones you use to survive. If you're going to be out in nature, your blade must be durable enough to handle whatever challenges lie ahead. These rescue knives will help keep you safe no matter where life takes you! 

As you can see, there are many different knives made for survival in all kinds of environments. One thing is sure though, if you're backpacking or hiking and want to have the best chance at surviving in an emergency, then one of these knives will be a significant investment. We hope this article helped! 

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