Tactical Flashlight Guide: 5 Tips for Picking out the Best Tactical Flashlight

Many people use a flashlight for a variety of purposes. However, tactical flashlights are designed with a specific purpose in mind, and they can be instrumental to your success in many situations. A tactical led flashlight ranges from small penlights to large searchlights, but it is important to pick the one that will work best for you. In this guide, we will discuss five tips that will help you find the best tactical flashlight!

Key Takeaways in Choosing a Tactical Flashlight

  • Brighter is better when it comes to tactical lights.
  • Your tac light should have easy access to the modes you’ll need most, like strobe mode and turbo.
  • Size and feel are essential. A properly sized light for you will ensure smoother, more confident usage.
  • Some tactical lights have secondary outputs for added versatility, like red, green, or UV light.
  • A good tactical light needs drop and water resistance. You need to be able to depend on it in any condition.

What makes a Good Tactical Flashlight?

You're not mistaken if it appears that tactical flashlights are popping up everywhere these days. The popularity of tactical flashlights has surged as they have grown more inexpensive and advanced. And it's not just among police and military personnel who utilize it. Tactical lights are built to be extremely bright and long-lasting. Because they have become increasingly popular, several have been designed with everyday carry in mind. 

Don't worry if you want to add to your tactical flashlight collection or buy a new one. Our tactical lighting experts have compiled this list of recommendations to assist you in selecting a tactical flashlight that will serve you well for many years.

For a Tactical Flashlight: Brighter is Better

We frequently remind our clients that most ordinary activities will not need using your ordinary flashlight at maximum brightness. This is the exception with tactical flashlights.

You'll want a bright, focused beam distance that can throw over larger in this situation. You'll appreciate the ability to rapidly command a lot of light, whether you're doing routine traffic stops or hunting for targets. When you come into contact with a potential threat, direct the bright beam squarely on his face. The bright light will blind and disorient him for a short time, allowing you to leave or engage your assailant.

Look for Interface Shortcuts to Key Modes on Your Tactical Light

In many ways, knowing what brightness level you'll get when you turn on your tactical light is the most crucial factor. For example, when you're attempting to stay hidden, you don't want your tac light to switch on to maximum brightness, and in a self-defense situation, you don't want it to turn on to turbo and obtain the only 1-lumen output.

Fortunately, many tactical flashlights include intuitive interface shortcuts that allow you to quickly access the most often used different light modes, such as turbo, ultralow, and strobe. In addition, tactical flashlights frequently include a memory function, which allows you to reset the flashlight to the prior brightness setting the next time you turn it on. This fantastic technique ensures that your tac light is always ready to go the way you want it.

Size and Feel of Your Tactical Light is Important

This is a matter of personal taste, but paying attention to the grip and size of your tactical flashlight while purchasing it will pay off in the long run.

The majority of flashlights include a 1” body tube with some roughness or grip improvement running the length of the tube. Most tactical flashlights are between 4 and 6 inches long, making them simple to hold in your palm and carry in your pocket or job belt.

Secondary Outputs Add Versatility to Your Tactical Flashlight

It's best if you have tool that can do multiple functions. For example, tactical lights like EVATAC™ NANO FLASHLIGHT help with inspection, searching, and staying hidden.

Red and green outputs are widely used by hunters and military personnel for reading and maintaining night vision. In contrast, law enforcement and security personnel use ultraviolet outputs to authenticate cash and check crime scenes.

Although various color LEDs are not strictly mandatory features on a tactical flashlight, we think they're a terrific approach to minimize the need for several torches in your kit.

Make Sure your Tac Light is Built to Last

You don't stop working because the weather is terrible, and neither should your flashlight. A waterproof tactical flashlight will safeguard your light even if it falls into a puddle or is caught in a downpour. Likewise, if you have a rechargeable tactical flashlight that has an internal charging port, be sure it's well-protected, as ours is.

Where to Buy Tactical Flashlight Online?

Tactical flashlights are the perfect addition to your kit for keeping you safe, enhancing your activities at night. They are available in many different sizes and styles that suit any budget or activity requirement. So if you're looking for a reliable store that offers the best tactical flashlight, contact us today! We have various tactical flashlights here at the Evatac team that will certainly fit your survival needs or everyday carry. 


The tactical flashlight guide is a must-have for both civilians and law enforcement. Tactical flashlights are available in many different sizes, styles, and prices to suit any budget or activity requirement--and can even be mounted on guns! They are perfect for hunters and those who want to keep themselves safe. Tactical lights that are waterproof keep the light safe even if it falls into a puddle or is caught in a downpour! Overall, they are a must-have for any tactical gear.

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