How To Store Tactical Gear

Do you have tactical gear that needs to be stored? This can be anything from tactical vests, tactical bags, tactical knives, tactical boots, or even tactical accessories! It's important to store these types of items properly, so they don't get damaged. The best method to protect the substantial expenditures you've made in survival basics is to know how to store tactical gear. There are a variety of creative solutions to keep your belongings organized at home and on the go. We highly recommend these tips to all public safety professionals, survivalists, military people, and adventurers. 

Let's get started and discuss how you should store your tactical gear.

How To Plan Your Storage For Your Tactical Survival Gear?

It's critical to think about the planning process before you start putting your things away. You can ensure that you have more than enough space for your essentials, whether at home or in your backpack, by arranging ahead of time.

It might also provide you with useful knowledge for extending your tool and gear collection in the future.

  • Consider Workflow

The first thing you should think about is your workflow and how simply accessible your equipment is. For example, if you have products you'd only require in a very unusual emergency, they shouldn't be at the top of your storage list. Items you're likely to use frequently, on the other hand, should always be within reach.

This principle applies to tactical backpack packing, as the least-needed goods should always be towards the bottom. Rather than rummaging through your belongings, make sure you can reach vital items in a matter of seconds. It's also crucial to make sure everything is visible and in a place where you'll remember it.

  • Determine How Much Storage You Have and Need

The next step is to inventory the items you intend to keep in your storage system. For example, are you packing for yourself, or are several people needing access to storage? If you have multiple people in your party, each individual must have their storage solution.

In doing this, you can ensure everyone can effortlessly organize their gear based on personal specifications. If it's just you, you'll need to consider how much storage is required for each item. During this step, you should consider measuring your gear, as this can let you know whether things will fit in certain areas.

If you have two tactical backpacks, for example, you'll want to make sure there's enough storage for each to be easily accessible.

  • Don't Forget About the Future.

You most likely have a sizable collection already, but do you have any plans to add to it in the future? If that's the case, you should always plan for your future demands, even if it means having more storage than you require right now.

After all, you never know if you'll be bringing another guest or if you'll need to stock up on a few more necessities. When it comes to tactical gear, having more storage is far preferable to having too little.

  • Optimize the Space

It's easy to get sucked into the rabbit hole of cramming too much storage into a small space. Even though you'll have dozens of shelves, compartments, and racks to work with, you'll need rapid access to everything.

Make sure to account for walking space when measuring, especially when dealing with larger products. Consider combining floor and wall storage to extend your options without taking up valuable floor space.

  • Keep in Mind Maintenance

Maintaining your tactical gear throughout the year is one of the most important tasks in keeping it secure. Ballistic vests, for example, will need to be air-dried in between usage to keep the material's integrity.

For its maintenance requirements, all of your tactical survival gear should have the ideal storage option. Having separate storage for your gear is also a fantastic approach to start practicing better habits.

As a result, you'll rapidly learn to take better care of your more valuable possessions so they're always ready to use.

How to Store Tactical Assault Gear at Home?

Once you've finished planning, you can move on to the different tactical gear storage choices accessible. The amount of well-rounded storage choices for safety and efficiency typically astounds first-time tac gear users.

1. Tactical Lockers

Lockers are undoubtedly the most common solution for residences and professional offices, such as law enforcement departments. Individual owners will like the built-in organization features such as shelves, hangers, and unique hooks.

Extra food rations, spare tactical clothing, tactical vests, hoses, bags, and other items will be stored in a locker. These storage options are especially useful when multiple people require them.

Each person has a locker, which allows them to organize their belongings according to their preferences. Open lockers, which are similar to built-in closet organizers, are another option.

Open lockers, which are similar to built-in closet organizers, are another option.

You'll be able to designate individual shelves, hangers, hooks, and drawers for all of your belongings using these.

2. Personalized High-Density Storage

Because there are various locations to keep items in one container, this storage option is similar to lockers. However, in comparison to lockers, they are frequently larger and allow for more personalization.

You may choose the height of the shelves, the location of the drawers, and more with custom high-density storage. If you have a variety of tactical assault gear, these are generally favored because of their ease of customization.

You'll also have plenty of storage space for parachutes, survival packs, and food rations. In addition, custom high-density tactical gear storage can hold up to three times more gear on average.

3. Safes and Weapon Racks

It's critical to think about your local rules before designing firearm storage. You might not have much of a choice if you live in a state that specifies specified storage kinds. Two of the most common solutions for convenient access and secure storage are weapon racks and safes.

The most crucial component of weapon storage is ensuring that you are the only person who has access to them.

You'll also need to make sure that each piece is weatherproofed so that it's always ready to ignite. Finally, you should keep in mind that weapon storage might take up a lot of area in your room, so plan appropriately.

4. Open-Shelf Storage

Open-shelf storage is the most basic way for storing tactical gear at home. These units include multiple open cubbies that can be immediately accessed without a code or lock.

They also don't have any doors, making it easier to see and classify all of your belongings. MREs, survival gear, first-aid kits, and shelter supplies can all benefit from open-shelf storage.

The cubbies are usually large enough to contain a lot of goods in each compartment. They are also available at a reasonable price from most big-box retailers.

The biggest downside of open-shelf storage is that your belongings are exposed to the elements. In addition, if you don't have access to a temperature-controlled environment, your equipment will deteriorate more quickly. In other words, while it's a less expensive storage option, it could harm your pricey equipment.

How to Store Tactical Gear in a Tactical Backpack?

It may be more necessary to have your tactical gear in a tactical backpack than keep it at home. Not only will you need to keep everything safe from unforeseen events, but you'll also need everything to be available right away. When dealing with your tactical bag, use these methods to improve your packing efficiency.

  • Label Everything

Even though it takes time, labeling all your belongings is the most effective approach to keeping them organized. It will also make it much easier to locate the goods you require in less time. Instead of having to remember how your first-aid kit differs from your Dopp kit, for example, you'll have easy-to-read labeling.

  • Keep Your Guns in a Separate Compartment.

Finding a tactical bag with a CCW pocket is one of the most important tips when shopping for one. These pockets are meant to safely store your firearm while keeping it separate from your other belongings. The compartment is usually situated on the backpack's exterior, where you may quickly grasp and fire your weapon if necessary.

  • Purchase Dry Bags.

Dry bags are a must-have survival tool for campers, law enforcement officers, and military personnel. You'll most likely be carrying a lot of non-waterproof gear, which means rain might ruin your essentials. You may store your weather-sensitive belongings in dry bags to keep them secure and dry.

  • Bottom-Middle-Top Method

Use the bottom-middle-top strategy when loading your tactical bag. It's simple to use and can help you organize your belongings correctly from least to most important. This is how it works in general. Your least-essential goods, such as a spare set of clothes, will be stored at the bottom of your tactical bag.

You'll want to store your first-aid kit, food rations, and hydration alternatives in the middle. Finally, your immediate necessities, such as your radio, maps, and GPS, should be put on the top.

What is The Most Important Tactical Gear Storage Practice?

Figuring out how to store tactical gear is simple, with an idea of the items you want to keep secure. Whether you’re planning for an outdoor adventure or prepping your basement, there are many options. The most important thing is to make sure you tailor your storage solutions to your preferences and needs.

3 Tips for Maintaining Your Tactical Gear

Purchasing tactical equipment is a significant investment that must be treated with care at all times. Therefore, most top tactical gear needs to be maintained regularly. It would be best if you took some precautions to maintain your investment, whether it's a regular cleaning or following storage instructions. In addition, maintaining your equipment regularly will assist you in ensuring that it is in good working order in the event of an emergency. In reality, here are three easy ways to keep your Body Armor Megastore tactical gear in good shape.

Follow Manufacturer Guidelines

When it comes to cleaning, storing, or utilizing your tactical gear, the first thing you should do is consult your manufacturer's instructions, as they will provide you with the most detailed information on how to care for your gear properly. Even though all of our equipment is comprised of high-grade military materials, it is nevertheless subject to damage if not properly maintained. Therefore, all of our tactical gear comes with care instructions that show you how to clean and keep it.

Minimize Overuse and UV Exposure

Overuse and exposure to UV light for long periods are two well-known causes of tactical gear degradation. Simple acts like putting your gear in a car or garage where it is exposed to direct sunlight can cause the material in your gear. Another approach to shorten the life of your gear is to use it excessively. Overuse of a tactical vest, for example, might cause the hook and loop webbing panels to deteriorate with time. But, again, keeping your tactical gear in a cool, shaded location will help you get the most out of it.

Routinely Clean Your Gear

Your tactical gear, like your weaponry, should be cleaned regularly to extend its life. However, regardless of how often you use your gear, debris, grime, and dust can accumulate over time, leaving an unpleasant odor. To combat these problems, make it a routine to clean your equipment after each usage, whether for work or training.


Tactical equipment is priceless, both in terms of money and its ability to save lives. However, maintaining it in peak condition necessitates extra caution and attention to detail. That is why police departments and other law enforcement agencies must have adequate tactical gear storage.

Consider tactical gear storage while designing or renovating police locker rooms or other locations in your law enforcement facility to protect your investment in life-saving equipment. Suppose you're in search of an online store that sells military gear or high-quality tactical gear. In that case, we at the Evatac team offer the best tactical gear for any outdoor or military operations! Contact us today.

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