How To Sharpen a Pocket Knife With Sandpaper

Pocket knives are essential tools for professionals and amateurs alike. They can be used to cut through many materials, including metal wire, nylon rope, or even seat belts in cars. But with so much use comes wear and tear on the blade of the rescue knife. When this happens, you need to sharpen it back up again! So we'll go through and answer this question: How to sharpen a rescue knife with sandpaper?

What You'll Need

In theory, sharpening a knife is simple, but the technique is everything. We'll show you how to make your knife sharp and to master that technique so you can effortlessly chop and dice. Your knives, a piece of fine and superfine sandpaper, a chopping block, and your honing steel or sharpening rod is all you'll need (which usually comes with a set of knives).

Holding Knife Flush With Sandpaper, Drag on a Diagonal

Drag the survival knife edge down, drawing it away and towards you at a diagonal, holding the knife handle with one hand and lightly pressing on the center of the knife to keep it flat with the sandpaper. Repeat this process ten times.

Hold Knife at 22 Degree Angle Against Sandpaper

Straight blades are not that efficient. But then, serrated blades are harder to deal with. Place a sheet of fine sandpaper on a wood cutting board and tape it down to the edge. Maintain a 22-degree angle between the knife and the cutting board. You won't need your protractor, so don't worry! Here's a tip: if you hold it up at a 90-degree angle, locate the beveled edge by tilting it halfway down will give you a 45-degree angle. Divide the difference by two more times to get 22.5 degrees. That's close enough!

Flip Over to Sharpen Other Side; Repeat Process With Super Fine Sandpaper

Repeat 10 times on the opposite side of the knife. Then, swap out the fine sandpaper for ultra-fine sandpaper and repeat the process.

Use Honing Steel to Finish

Finish by straightening the metal by rubbing the knife's edge over honing steel at a 22-degree angle on both sides. 

What is The Best Grit Sandpaper For Sharpening Knives?

When shopping for sandpaper, remember that the higher the grit number, the finer the sanding. At the very least, you should use 800, 1000, and 2000 grain sandpaper. Sharpening a dull and dingy knife with 200-400 grain sandpaper is a good idea. 2000 grit sandpaper is the way to go if you want to sharpen your knife to assist you in shaving hairs off. The Methodology First, make sure you're in a clean, well-ventilated environment. With the acetone spray adhesive, you don't want to be in a location that isn't well ventilated. 

Can You Use Sandpaper to Sharpen Knives?

Yes, you can use sandpaper to sharpen knives and even to sharpen scissors. However, sandpaper comes in many different grits, from very fine grit to coarser grit and everything in between, so you must choose the correct one for your knife sharpening needs.   

If your survival folding knife has a lot of wear on it because it's been used so much or if its blade has become very dull from lack of use, then you should use fine sandpaper for your rescue knife sharpening needs. If you have a rescue knife that is still in good condition but isn't as sharp as it used to be, it would be best to switch over to finer grit or ultra-fine grits of sandpaper when sharpening this rescue knife. In an emergency or survival situation, the chances of having a whetstone or other polishing or sharpening surface on you are limited to none. Sandpaper, on the other hand, is simple to keep on hand.

What is The Best Way to Sharpen a Pocket Knife?

A combination knife sharpener with multiple v-shaped angles is the most foolproof approach to sharpen your pocket knife if you are a complete newbie. Simply draw the knife through the v-shaped slot, and the knife is sharpened at the desired angle.

If you prefer to master the appropriate technique for sharpening a survival pocket knife with a stone, a genuine whetstone will give you a much cleaner and more professional sharp edge. 

Sharpening your pocket knife not only improves the precision and quality of your cutting edge but also teaches you discipline and respect for your knife if you're looking for a the best survival knife for survival wilderness or any outdoor events! Here at the Evatac team, we have the finest and best budget survival knife.

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