How to Install a Gun Car Mount?

To install a gun car mount, the first thing you need is a metal or aluminum bar about 2 inches by 3/4 inch by 4 feet long. Mount this on your windshield using screws with rubber gaskets attached to them if they're too tight. A pad of some sort may be desirable below the screws for added grip, or an area to attach suction cups might work as well. Then bolt the rifle into place directly above it. 

Is it Safe to Keep a Gun in Your Car?

YES, it is safe. If you have a car gun mount in the US, it complies with state legislation. However, making sure to always keep your gun in a lockbox or TruckVault while not in use increases this safety factor. Additionally, remember to not leave a child or toddler alone in a vehicle with keys, and even an empty holster will need to be stored out of reach!

The safest way to transport firearms is by installing a window mount hidden from view from all sides of the vehicle by any outside party, including passengers and law enforcement officials looking into your car from outside the door/window. Cars that sit lower than stock should beware that theft can occur easier. 

Can a Gun Magnet Damage a Gun?

The magnet in a gun mount for car is not strong enough to damage a gun. Well-designed magnetic mounts will be incapable of damaging a firearm, though you should always put your trust in the manufacturer rather than relying on anecdotal evidence. For instance, truckers have complained about the magnets in their mounts causing scratches or other indentations to their metal surfaces. However, these issues can generally be solved with neodymium magnets rather than weaker ferrite magnets, which cause problems with metal-on-metal contact. 

Can a Gun Magnet Damage a Gun by Magnetizing the Firing Pin?

NO, magnetic gun mount car are usually installed around the handle to provide a stable base for holding your gun. There is no need to attach it near the firing pin if you already have a grip on your weapon and will be standing in one place. Additionally, any magnets that get that close would probably cause more damage by phasing out electronic parts of the firearm such as sights and lasers before it could do any harm at all to the firing pins of these weapons.

Can a Gun Magnet Cause a Gun to Accidentally Discharge?

No. The firearm will not discharge while mounted to a magnetic gun mount car unless the trigger is pulled. Magnetic holders carry a charge of approximately one kilo-gauss, which creates an electromagnetic field around the magnet that prevents any other magnet from coming within about two inches of the surface area. Therefore, if someone were foolish enough to put their hand on or near one while a person was holding it, guns would not discharge if they were mounted safely in this manner and did not have a safety lock engaged.

Can I Store my Gun in my Trunk?

Yes, you can store your gun in the trunk of your car. However, it should be locked at all times and out of reach to adults and minors who might get into the vehicle holster. Some locks holster mount to the trigger guard or slide where children cannot reach; however, any opening more significant than this is too large for a child's finger, and their safety cannot be guaranteed whether these locks are present or not. Also, keep in mind that people may try to break into your car and steal anything they find- so keep firearms out of sight to decrease their chances of doing so while you sleep/shop/etc. 

I highly recommend investing in a magnetic gun mount car if you store your gun in your trunk. These mounts use powerful magnets to attach to any metal surface on your car - even bumpers or emblems! A magnet then sticks through the back of your weapon holster and snaps onto this vehicle mount for safe, reliable transport while keeping both hands on the wheel.

Can I Carry a Loaded Gun in my Car?

YES. It is legal to carry a loaded gun in your car but you must follow the gun laws. However, you cannot have it on your person or readily accessible while driving. If you want to take advantage of the benefits that come with carrying a firearm and still driving safely, install one of our gun mount for car kits today! Our mounts are easy to install (less than 30 minutes) and won’t interfere with any other features in your vehicle. In addition, magnetic Mounts Unlimited guarantees fast shipping times, an unconditional lifetime warranty for all products, and accessible customer service 24/7 if needed.

Why Using a Gun Magnet is Safe?

One of the most important reasons why using a gun magnet is safe is that it will not cause injury in any way. It is possible to misfire with a magnetic gun mount car. However, this would take an incredible amount of carelessness. Misfiring can lead to severe accidents and timely death. The safer pistons mentioned earlier are still very risky when they contact one another inside of the cylinder. The dart can get stuck, causing injury to both people's hands, or it could lead to severe injuries if the dart pierces skin or goes toward someone's eyesight area.

Is a Gun in a Glove Box Concealed?

Yes. A gun in a traditional glovebox is conceal carry because it cannot be seen easily, so you do not have to worry about anyone seeing your firearm.

Magnetic gun mount car are the best option for those who want to keep their car gun safe yet accessible. It's magnetically mounted on the underbody right below the driver's seat cushion, so it doesn't require installation of any parts whatsoever! Install best car holsters onto your chassis with included J hooks or screws, then place your magnetic alien gear holsters into one of four adjustable, versatile strap arrangements that will securely hold your gun inside. This device frees up trunk space and installs invisibly underneath leather seats! 


If you want to keep your firearm in your vehicle, but don't know how or where to store it, then a magnet is a perfect choice for you! A gun magnet won't damage your firearm and offers an easy way to secure it while not in use. We carry many different types of magnets explicitly designed for one type of weapon, so be sure to check out our selection before purchasing. Also, don't forget about our 100% lifetime guarantee if anything should happen with the product! These options make using a magnetic system ideal when storing firearms in vehicles.

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