How to Fold Evatac Rescue Folding knife?

The Evatac rescue knife is a folding rescue knife that has been designed to be used in emergency situations. The blade locks into place when open which prevents it from closing on your fingers, and the handle provides a firm grip so you can use it with confidence. It also features strong serrated teeth on the top of the blade for cutting through seat belts, clothing, rope, or other material. This article will walk you through how to fold these rescue folding knives correctly. Quality tactical knives or rescue knives with tactical folding can be used as belt cutters, glass breakers and have various assistive features and high-quality blades.

Closing Knives without a Lock

When shutting a tactical rescue knife or survival knife without a lock, use one hand to hold the blade in place while pushing down on the handle with the other. When storing or transporting the knife, put your other hand underneath it to prevent it from falling open and causing damage.

Pocket knives can be in handy when you need to make a quick cut. Cutters are available in several styles, each with a locking mechanism for keeping the blades secure. Whatever type of knife you're using, it may quickly be closed and returned to its proper place in your pocket.

Hold the knife by the sides of the hilt.

Make sure your fingers aren't in the way of the knife's blade fitting into the slot. On one side, use the base of your palm and thumb, and on the other, use the pads of your fingers. Always keep your blade pointed away from your body. If your hand slips, the knife will fall away from your body. This equipment can be used in any situation like in the wilderness using  survival knife.

Grip the back of the blade with your dominant hand

Between your thumb and fingers, hold the dull side of the blade. To improve your grip, thumb stud, many knives have a ridge around the top of the knife. To avoid slipping and cutting yourself, keep your fingers firmly on the blade. Our website has the best survival pocket knife for your survival tool or for self-defense.

Push the knife into the slot slowly

Make sure the blade's sharp edge of a survival folding knife is completely seated in the slot. The blade should not open on its own after the knife is closed. Work with two hands until you're confident in your ability to open and close your knife. After you've gotten the hang of wielding the knife, try shutting it with just one hand. To close the blade without using your fingers, press the back of the blade against a firm surface.

Securing a Button Lock Knife

Lock using a button to unlock and release your blade. A pin is pushed out from the side of your rescue knife's handle. Make sure the knife is open before pressing down on the button with one finger to secure it. Remove any dirt or debris from the area where you'll be pressing the button. Check through our website as we have the best budget survival knife and quality Evatac tactical knife.

Hold the knife on the top of the hilt with your dominant hand

Make sure your fingers' bottoms aren't wrapped around the hilt when closing it; otherwise, you'll cut yourself as it has a versatile drop point blade. Button lock knives are simple to use with one hand, though you should first practice closing them with two hands. These best survival knives are with razor-sharp blades that must be handled carefully so they won't hurt your hands.

Depress the button on the hilt with your thumb

The button lock is located near the blade's base on the hilt. The button can vary in appearance depending on the brand and style of the knife, but it commonly resembles a little cylinder protruding from the knife's surface making it the best rescue knife. To undo the lock, press down on the button. Look inside the locking mechanism to see if there's any buildup if you're having problems pressing the button. Then, clear the trash from the interior by blowing it away with your breath or with a thin wire.

Use your non-dominant hand to push the blade closed

The blade will feel loose after pressing the button and can be easily moved back into position. As you secure the blade, keep your fingertips away from the slot. Unless the blade is pressed again, most button locks will keep the blade in place. Check your blade's handbook to see if the lock keeps the best rescue knife in its shell.


As you may have realized, tactical knives are remarkable tools particularly Evatac rescue knives. With so many blade types, blade materials, handle materials, and other factors to consider, choosing the right knife can be difficult. First, consider how you'll use your knife, and then look for characteristics that complement your needs. Once you've narrowed it down, it won't be nearly as difficult. Make the most of the several blades at your disposal. It may take some time to sift through the options, but the long list of critical qualities ensures that you'll find your ideal tactical knife in no time. Rescue folding knife or tactical rescue knife can be a great and immediate help for belt cutter and glass breaker. With its blade material and type, it can be easily carried and sometimes comes with a tactical knife sharpener.

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