How To Concealed Your Weapon With Gun Car Mount

One of the best features of the gun car mount is the ability to securely and easily conceal carry in a variety of places where nobody would ever think to look.

It makes possible many unique positions to have a firearm immediately accessible to you. Think about all of the places you may be in during the day.

You could be any of those places when somebody decides to commit a crime against you, and you won’t get the advantage of choosing the best place for it to happen.

That’s why you should be prepared for it anywhere. 

We’ve created a definitive guide to some of the places you can take advantage of this and how to start thinking of creative mounting places on your own using the magnetic gun mount.

How To Hide a Gun in a Car With a Gun Magnet

Most of us spend a lot of time in a car every day, maybe even a couple of hours. Commuting to work, running errands, visiting friends, we use our cars to take us everywhere. Unfortunately, it's also common for robberies, car-jacking, road rage, and other attacks. Of course, we want to have a firearm on us, but carrying it in the car is uncomfortable, and other places may be insecure.

A car gun mount may be placed in several places for immediate, discreet access. One popular position is directly in front of the driver, underneath the steering wheel. This position is hidden from all outside points of view but is readily available for the strong hand draw.

If a threat is observed approaching, the firearm can be reached immediately and slowly pulled subtly. On the other hand, a magnetic car holster might be put low on the driver's side door. This conceals the firearm while allowing the strong hand to operate the steering wheel and all other required functions in an emergency.

Finally, gun mount for car can be placed within the glove box or center console. In any case, firearms are frequently housed here, albeit insecurely. Because the firearm will be contained in these positions, it will be entirely hidden.

Rather than allowing it to move around freely, the magnetic vehicle mount will keep it in place, preventing accidental damage to the handgun and potentially dangerous discharges. Stronger magnets may even allow you to transport a long gun in your automobiles, such as a shotgu`n or rifle!

By suspending them out of sight and in the appropriate position, you avoid alerts or danger signs while also gaining access to a more powerful weapon. This is a fantastic alternative for both preppers and hunters. The gun magnet in your car is excellent and gives you a lot of alternatives, but make sure you know the rules in your area. If your state requires it, get a concealed weapons permit and always keep your firearm in your car according to local gun laws.

If you follow these steps, you will have no trouble transporting safely and successfully.

How To Hide a Gun in a Bedroom With a Gun Magnet?

One of the most logical places to keep a weapon is in the bedroom. We naturally wish to protect it because it is where we sleep and are most vulnerable. A gun magnet lets you store your firearm in various locations throughout your bedroom, allowing you to be ready at any time.

Many folks keep a firearm in their nightstand, where they must open the drawer and reach for it (it's harder than it appears from a laying-down posture — try it!). Getting creative with this opens up a whole new world of possibilities. For example, you can place your pistol on the side of the bed with a magnet so that you can reach it with one hand while sleeping.

While someone is attempting to enter your room, there's no need to open a drawer and reach for a pistol — reach down to your natural position and draw! It can also be attached to neighboring furniture or other bed components, such as behind the headboard. It's securely hidden here, yet it's ready to use right away. Another excellent alternative is to store it under the bed.

A magnetic handgun mount on the bed's bottom provides the same benefits of instant access, but it will go unseen. Because it will be secured off the bottom of the floor, it will most likely go undetected by anyone snooping under the bed. The gun magnet might also be used to secure firearms kept in insecure locations in the bedroom, such as the famed sock drawer.

How To Hide a Gun in the Furniture With a Gun Magnet?

The furniture in your home, or even your place of employment, provides a limitless amount of options for concealing your firearms. To begin, where do many of us spend the majority of our waking hours? Many of us spend at least 8 hours a day at a desk or other workstation doing our jobs.

We spend much of our day here, concentrating on our work and not anticipating any problems. But, unfortunately, working hard does not change the fact that terrible people in the world threaten us.

A good place to start is under your desk using a magnet. But, of course, nobody expects a regular office worker to have immediate access to a pistol, so take advantage of the element of surprise.

The magnet beneath the desk allows you to reach your pistol while keeping your hands hidden, ready to fire when the chance arises. The magnet may also be installed within any desk's drawers, allowing for easy access without causing the drawers to slide about.

Every day, we find ourselves at the dining room table and the living room coffee table – especially if we have families and eat at the table with them. Another place where this can be useful is in the closet. Guns are regularly hidden in closets, and criminals are aware of this; closet shelves are one of the first places they go while searching for valuables in a home.

A magnet keeps the pistol ready to respond to a house invasion. Planning ahead of time with your family will ensure that everyone understands where the firearm is and how to get to it, improving your odds of success.

How To Hide a Gun on The Wall With a Gun Magnet?

Finally, magnets can be kept in any part of the house by simply placing them on a handy wall. The only limit to how many places you can conceal a pistol with a magnet within your home by simply adhering it to the wall is your creativity. Many people believe it is necessary to secure their front door. Did you know that the majority of house break-ins begin with a seemingly innocuous request at the door?

Unseen assassins will rush through the door as soon as you open it. Did you know that the majority of house break-ins begin with a seemingly innocuous request at the door? 

You can keep control of a potentially dangerous scenario by placing a magnet on the wall near the entrance door. On the other hand, a gun magnet modifies the game by enabling you to choose the location. Hide a magnet beneath a stack of hanging jackets or blankets, and you'll always know where it is, but thieves will have trouble finding it!

Closets are frequently used as "panic rooms" for families to gather in an emergency. For example, placing a magnet on the wall of your closet lets you store a firearm in a ready-to-use state in your panic room, ensuring that you will be able to protect yourself if the need arises (much better than waiting for the cops to arrive).

I'm sure you can think of a few additional areas around the house where you'd have access to a firearm. For example, in the bathroom, the study, the garage, or anywhere else, you see a need for home security. When looking for a spot to put your gun magnet, you may also use additional wall-mounted accessories. It could, for example, be hidden beneath a picture, a lamp, a curtain, or another typical household item.

You will feel much better knowing that it will be extremely difficult to locate and will be more secure against theft in this manner.

Can a Magnet Damage a Gun?

Gun magnets provide a variety of inventive ways to hold and hide your firearm while providing quick access. Because of all the possibilities for keeping your firearms throughout the house, more people opt to install their guns using magnets.

However, you may wonder if they are safe for your pistol before purchasing one. Isn't it true that firearms are composed of metal? Isn't it true that magnets affect guns?

Don't be concerned about that. The usage of magnets designed to grip guns is safe.

Why Using a Gun Magnet is Safe?

Magnets do affect steel's function and can eventually magnetize it, causing other particles to stick. When it comes to guns, though, this isn't an issue. Magnetization is most commonly seen in very powerful magnets, such as rare earth magnets utilized in industrial applications.

Magnets developed for gun use are quite safe for holding your gun, but they aren't strong enough to impact your gun inside. To penetrate deeper into steel, magnets must have more strength, and a standard pistol magnet does not have enough force to damage any of the interior elements. That isn't to imply you don't have a chance of magnetizing parts of your rifle.

If your pistol is made of steel rather than stainless steel, the outside may get somewhat magnetic and pick up little pieces of metal. Otherwise, the function is unaffected. This would only be an issue if you worked in a metal shop that produced very fine metal powder or shavings and left your gun at the shop.

You'll be alright because you're probably not doing that. Magnets have been used to support rifles and shotguns inside gun safes and racks for many years with no adverse effects. Ammunition won't be harmed by gun magnets, either. The majority of ammunition components are non-magnetic.

Non-magnetic components include brass cases, copper and lead bullets, gunpowder, and primers. If placed directly on a magnet, steel cases and bullets containing steel (such as surplus military ammunition) may be marginally attracted. Still, the action of a gun magnet will be far too weak to cause this.

How to Choose The Gun Magnet

When buying a magnetic gun mount for car, bedroom or on the wall, there are a few things to keep in mind. These aspects should be visible in the goods you intend to purchase.


Gun magnets have come a long way in recent years. Some models now include a raised design that claims to make it easier to access your weapon. There are also V-shaped gun magnets that allow you to display your firearm upright or perpendicularly.

The simplest designs, on the other hand, usually stand out. Look for something simple and portable. It's the ideal approach to conceal your weapon while maintaining the appropriate level of flair.


Your gun magnet should be able to be mounted anyplace you think is strategic. For example, it should be hung on the wall, placed under your desk, or displayed in your display case.

A good gun magnet can serve three purposes: concealment, organization, and display. It ought to be tiny enough that you can easily conceal it together with the pistol while remaining undiscovered. Second, it has to be something that keeps your guns nicely organized. For example, when you put a compact design on the wall with a pistol, it almost disappears in the background.

In that manner, you can arrange your guns in a wall, and they'll appear to be floating in mid-air. If you want to put anything on the show, it must also be trendy or acceptable.

Whether you want magnetic car holsters or a magnetic gun mount for bedroom or on the wall, we have here at Evatac! Contact us today.

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