How To Clean Your Tac Bag?

Tactical bags are durable pieces of essential gear that can last for many years with proper care. It is important to keep your tac bag in good condition if you want it to be ready when you need it most. While appropriate cleaning and maintenance of your tactical pack is very simple, it is critical to maintain it clean in order to prevent dirt and debris from wearing away at the materials. From this selection, you may also choose a long-lasting assault backpack tactical bags.

You'll also need to keep out odors that may develop from exposure to the environment, food, dirt, and other objects, in addition to keeping it clean. The good news is that caring for your bag will only take a small amount of time, money, and supplies.  

This article will show you how to clean and maintain your tac bag so that it lasts over time and works well while on the battlefield. 

Why You Should Clean Your Tactical Backpack?

Let's face it, if you use your tactical backpack frequently, it will most likely get dragged through the dirt and caked with mud. Dirt and normal wear and tear will wear down your bag over time. When dirt and dust accumulate, the area will begin to stink. Filth can deteriorate the materials, so wiping your bag after each usage is helpful, but you should properly wash it. 

What Are The Materials Needed To Clean Backpack?

To clean your tactical bug out bag correctly, you'll need the following materials and resources. Make a list of any items stated by the backpack's manufacturer.

  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Mild Soap
  • Small Brush
  • Toothbrush
  • Towel & Cloth
  • Baking Soda
  • Water

Baking soda is used to maintain your backpack odor-free, but it can also be used to clean it if necessary.

How To Clean Your Tactical Backpack?

Here are the supplies you'll need, as well as a step-by-step tutorial to help you wash your everyday carry pack properly, whether you clean it by hand or in the washing machine.

Wipe Off Loose Dirt And Debris

To eliminate dust and dirt, clean the outside of your bag with a moist towel. Wiping down the outside removes solid debris and prevents it from mixing with the water.

Remove All The Items From Your Bag

Take everything out of your bag, including removable and hidden pockets and compression straps, to wash separately. If you don't want to hand wash it, you don't want anything loose to fall off and damage the machine. To avoid damage to your bag, cut any slack thread near the zippers and remove any metal frames it may have. 

Vacuum Inside The Tactical Backpack

Clean up the inside of your assault backpack with a vacuum cleaner attachment. Vacuuming removes dirt and trash from your bag without harming it.  

Find The Care Instructions

The majority of tactical backpacks come with detailed instructions on how to care for them. They're frequently spotted on a bags packs label. If your kit includes paper cleaning instructions, be sure to keep them. It's also a good idea to understand the bag's construction. If the instructions below differ from those on the inside of your backpack, follow the instructions that came with it.

Cleaning By Hand

Hand wash your tactical gear bag according to these guidelines.


Use a stain remover to pre-treat any soiled or unclean areas. After that, clean the stains with a gentle brush or toothbrush. Allow 30 minutes for the mixture to settle in your bag. The majority of the stains should be removed. If you don't have any stain remover on hand, make a 50/50 solution of water and laundry detergent.


You can fill a bathtub or sink with water depending on the size of your tactical backpack. The colors may run if you use hot water. Some packets are constructed of a material that should not be submerged in water, so read the care directions carefully. If it states not to submerge the backpack, gently wash it with a moist cloth.


Mix a fragrance-free and chemical-free mild cleaner with water. For further information on the best soap for your tactical backpack, visit the manufacturer's forum. 


Scrub the backpack using a gentle brush or cloth, concentrating on the areas that are dirty. For fragile materials or severe stains, an old toothbrush might be used. 


Fill the tub or sink with cool, clean water after draining the unclean water. Thoroughly rinse the backpack and wring away any excess water. To avoid damaging the foam, straps, and zippers, be gentle. To squeeze out even more water, fold the bag with a thick towel. 


It is best to avoid using a dryer because it may cause damage to your luggage. Instead, hang it to dry and store it upside down in the backpack. To get the best results, unzip the pockets and follow the care guidelines for drying your bag outside or inside. 


When in doubt, always follow the maintenance instructions that came with your heavy duty tactical bag. If you clean and care for your bag properly, it should last several years. These backpacks can be more expensive than regular range bags and backpacks, but having a durable bags (tactical bag) that you can take anywhere is worth it. If you're looking for a tac bag you can use anywhere especially in outdoor or camping trip, check it out today here in Evatac!


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