How to Choose the Perfect Survival Knife

How to Choose the Perfect Survival Knife

Survival knives are a survivalist's best friend. They're not just for chopping wood and skinning animals - survival knife can be used to make shelters, start fires, prepare food, and more. This versatile knife comes in all shapes and sizes. This blog post will discuss how you can find the best survival knife for your needs!


6 Important Survival Knife Features Survival Knife Feature

A survival knife is a tool with literally hundreds of functions. The priority should be performance, and that will depend on how well your blade is, but there are other key features like comfort in handgrip or durability, which can't be ignored when looking at all knives for sale today!

Function trumps style every time, so don't worry about what you might think looks cool because it isn't worth sacrificing function just to have something unique ̶ embrace simplicity instead by choosing one design over another. If you are unsure about survival knives, then check out the following features that matter most when choosing the best survival knives.



Size is always important when it comes to survival knives because you want something that will be useful for a long time. The blade length should not be too big or small, but just right! A survival knife with about an eight-inch blade seems to work well as its size allows users to perform various tasks without being difficult to use.

The perfect knife is one that can be used for a variety of purposes. A small blade survival knife may not be able to handle more rugged tasks such as batoning and chopping because it will dull quickly, making it difficult or even impossible to cut through a thick wood. In contrast, larger knives are designed specifically for survival and too big to use for small tasks. If you're looking at survival knives, you must first think about the types of tasks you will be doing with your knife before making a purchase.


Fixed Blade

A fixed blade knife is more reliable and durable than its folding survival knife counterparts. When choosing an EDC weapon, think about how often you will carry it with yourself on hand-to-hand combat or foraging trips into harsh environments like jungle mountainsides. This will offer little protection from physical injury. A joint is always vulnerable, so choose wisely. Minimize risk by selecting an ultra-tough knife with ample pounding/chopping ability that can also do rigorous cutting like nobody's business.


Full Tang

For survival knives, the full tang design is one of the most important features to look for. If you are looking for a great survival knife, then it will be useless if your knife breaks because the blade is separated from its handle while using it. The best type of survival knife has a full tang which means that both halves of the knife's steel run through and past each side, so they meet up on the bottom or inside in order to create an even more durable survival tool than just a half-tang ones.

Not only should your survival knife be a fixed blade, but it also needs to have the "full tang" design. It means that both handle and blade are constructed from one continuous piece of metal. Scales or grips may sometimes come attached for an improved solid grip on slippery surfaces. A full tang fixed bladed survival knife will be more durable overall because there isn't any weak point where the steel stops near areas like pivot points which can fail over time with repeated use. This also makes them easier to clean by flushing water through after skinning game or other tasks requiring fluids since there aren't parts that can get clogged.


Sharp Pointed Tip

The survival knives' tip matters a lot. It should be sharp and pointed to help you pierce through things that are difficult, such as wood or thick materials like leather, for example. If you are looking at survival knives, then it's essential to look for one with a sharp pointed tip. A survival knife should easily pierce through wood or thick materials like leather, so make sure your survival knife has a sharp pointy blade.

When you're in the market for a survival knife, make sure it has an effective pointed tip. A sharp point will allow you to stab or thrust your blade as required and easily penetrate thick fur clothing. Additionally, having a sharp pointed tip on your survival knife is an important factor in self-defense and survival situation. A survival knife needs a sharp pointy end so it can stab into the toughest material without losing its strength. This will help out a lot when survival hunting animals for food. In order to have the perfect survival knife, it needs to be able to pierce through anything so that you can break wood or stab into tough things without losing its strength. This is especially useful in survival hunting situations where you need to hunt down your own dinner!


Single-Edged Blade with Flat Ground Spine

The survival knife's blade needs to be single-edged with a flat ground spine for it to function correctly. The statement, "Never go wrong with simple," is true when choosing survival knives since the simpler they are, the more reliable they will be! This means that there should only be one sharpened side of its blade while the other can look like any regular metal without being sharp at all.

A survival knife must have a fully functional edge on one side and rough grinding/angled finishing done on another, so it still looks presentable but not dangerous or threatening towards others. Also, remember that survival blades need their edges to remain extremely strong during use, so you don't risk breaking them while trying to accomplish your tasks. When looking for survival knives, it's important to look for one with a flat ground spine. This means that there should only be one sharpened side of its blade while the other can looks like any regular metal without being sharp at all.



Solid Pommel

The pommel is the bottom of your knife's handle. It's perfect when driving stakes in the shelter or using the blade as an ice fishing tool by hammering away with sticks until they break off into pieces that will stick out past the edge enough so you can go after whatever fish are around there! A well-designed and substantial one only adds more capabilities.

A survival knife must have a solid pommel for many reasons, such as driving stakes into place, using it as an ice fishing tool by breaking apart branches and poking holes through them, and even for self-defense purposes. The survival knives' pommel should be able to hold up under pressure since it allows you to use this part of the blade-like an added hammer, while performing tasks such as pounding stakes.


What are Survival Knives Called?

Survival knives are called survival knives because of the survival situations that they help you get through. They are designed for survival activities and can also be used as hunting knives, fishing knives, tactical survival knife or military survival gear.

A survival knife is called a survival knife because it's meant to survive any type of situation (including ones where there may not even be food). Survival knives come in many different shapes and sizes, making them perfect for all types of tasks - from skinning games to self-defense purposes! If you're purchasing your first survival blade, make sure it has a practical pointed tip like the one mentioned above. This will ensure that your new survival knife can pierce through wood easily without losing its strength over time. Additionally, if you are looking at survival knives with a solid pommel, this will be perfect for self-defense or other survival activities.



When looking for a light and small survival knife, think about what types of tasks they can perform and how often these activities take place before making a purchase. The most important thing is just finding one with a good fit for your hand because if it doesn't feel comfortable in your grip, the chances are slim that you will want to carry it around with yourself all day long. offers a wide range of best budget survival knife options to add to your survival kit. You can choose different types of high-quality steel survival knives that will fit your active lifestyle at a reasonable price!

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