How to Choose The Best Gun Car Mount?

How do you choose the best gun car mount? Unfortunately, there are many magnetic gun mounts out there, so it can be difficult to find the right one for your needs. This blog post will go over some things that you should consider before purchasing a gun vehicle mount.

What is a Gun Car Mount?

Gun car mount or gun holster is an assembly or mechanism that secures your gun to a platform (car's dashboard) so that it can operate its full potential. 

What is a Gun Car Mount Used For?

A single magnet can hold most semiautomatic handguns and revolvers. In contrast, shotguns and rifles can be held by two or more magnets, allowing you to keep your preferred home defense weapon hidden but easily accessible for speedy deployment.

How Does A Gun Magnet Work?

Car gun mount are a practical storage solution that allows you quick and easy access to your weapon. You can store your gun vertically, horizontally, or upside down with a magnet car holster, making it a must-have device for storage in cars, safes, under desks, and just about anywhere else. Your pistol will attach to the magnet and be safely held in place once you've installed it in the desired area.

How Do You Install A Gun Magnet?

The type of magnet has an impact on this. All you need is a metal surface, such as a safe, if it's magnetized on both sides. The magnet holds the gun in place, and the magnet adheres to the surface. For lighter weapons, ultra-strong 3M tape can be a viable alternative for installation in places where you don't want to drill holes, such as a car console. Another alternative is to use screws to secure the magnet, which normally requires one to four screws depending on the shape of the magnetic gun mount.

Can A Gun Magnet Support The Weight Of Any Gun?

The majority of gun magnets have a holding capacity of 15 to 45 pounds. Thus, for revolvers or semiautomatic handguns, one magnet holster mount should be enough. Larger weapons, like shotguns and rifles, will almost certainly require two or three magnets.

What Will My Gun Magnet Stick To?

Gun magnets can be used on any ferrous, nickel-based, or cobalt-based surface.

When I Pull The Gun, Will The Magnet Come With The Gun?

You will almost always have a choice if you use our car mounting plates. The magnet vehicle holster has a seam on one side. The other side, on the other hand, does not. Place the gun magnet's seam away from the plate, facing out towards your weapon, to ensure that it stays on the plate (in other words, put the side without the seam against the plate). The magnet should stay on the vehicle mounting plate if the seam is pointing out. However, on other metal surfaces (especially on small mounting plates), you may have varied results (depending on the iron content of the surface).

Will My Gun Become Magnetic And Pick Up Metal Particles?

This is a frequently asked question. The quick answer is that no appreciable magnetic force will be transferred. A popular wives' tale claims that a police officer going past an MRI machine caused his gun to malfunction days later. It's usually "a man whose friend knows a guy who." It's simply not true, and it's completely implausible. Despite the weight of the magnet of the car holsters on the slide, all guns fired flawlessly with no malfunctions. If a little magnetic property (less than the force of an average fridge magnet) was transferred to the gun without the magnet, it would be quickly dissipated by the heat produced when the pistol was fired.

Bullets are not harmed since neither brass nor lead is ferrous. However, if you attach one of our magnets to your gun, dump it into iron ore-rich dirt, kick it around for a minute, pick it up, and then discharge it, iron particles will adhere to the steel parts. Our product is not for you if you do a lot of this. Perhaps guns aren't for you either.


Gun magnets or magnetic gun mount for car are considered one of the most useful accessories a gun owner can buy because they have various applications.
This useful item offers you a convenient storage solution to conceal a carry while also allowing you quick access. Additionally, gun magnets/gun mounts could be employed to expand your car gun safe storage capacity.

Choosing the best gun mount for car, on the other hand, isn't easy, especially if you're unfamiliar with the market's possibilities. As a result, always go for the best! Our gun car mount has a strong magnet and best fit in your steering wheel column!

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