How to Choose the Best Duffle Bag for Travel?

Duffle bags are not just a gym bag. They are also a great way to pack your belongings when traveling. Whether you're going across town or the world, duffle bags offer convenience and versatility that other types of luggage cannot compete with. Not sure which duffle bag is best for you? Here's everything you need to know about choosing the perfect duffle bag for travel!

What is a Duffle Bag?

The duffel bag by Evatac is a cylindrical fabric bag with a drawstring closure at the top in its original form. Still, the name is currently used to designate a range of soft-sided bags that are frequently referred to as a 'weekender.' Duffel bags are available in a wide range of sizes, styles, colors, and features. Certain duffel bags are water-resistant, weather-resistant, and phthalate-free for easy handling. External Pockets, internal pockets, cushioned backpack straps, shoulder straps, compression straps, main compartments, and zippers are among the numerous features that keep your valuables safe. Duffle bags are handy for keeping dirty laundry or sports gear separate from clean clothing, food items separate from electronics, and much more.

Why You Should Use a Duffle Bag?

There are so many options for carrying your belongings these days—roller luggage, backpacks, messenger bags, duffles, and bags that combine all of the above. So, why do you need a tactical duffel bag?

Duffles Are Ideal For Two Bag Travel

As you might expect, a two travel bag entails carrying two bags. A backpack and duffle, roller luggage, or a duffle and duffle are all possibilities. You stuff your clothes and other belongings into the larger bag (typically a duffel) and your laptop and other "daily essentials" into the smaller one (like a daypack or laptop bag).

Some businesses have built their bags to work with a two-bag travel system, so you can have a duffle and a backpack that go together.

Duffles Make Great Road Trip Bags

Duffle bags—at least most of them—are excellent at squeezing. That means they're very adept at fitting into the odd nooks and crannies left over after you've packed your car to the brim with everything you'll need for an epic, big-screen-worthy road trip. You may also easily stack them on top of one other. Plus, duffle can contain a lot without taking up a lot of space, so you can relax and enjoy the breeze in your hair instead of worrying about packing (metaphorically or literally).

Duffles are Easy

You'll enjoy a black duffle bag if you have a lot of stuff and no time to organize it. Simply place all of your unfolded clothing in the main bucket, zip it up, and you're ready to go.

Duffles Can Look Professional

It can be awkward to walk into a business meeting dressed professionally but with a backpack on your back. Duffle bags have a more refined appearance.

This isn't always the case, though. Some duffel bags appear to be far less refined than backpacks. However, in a head-to-head comparison of a professional backpack versus a professional duffle, the duffle usually comes out on top.

Duffle Are Budget-Friendly

There are many exceptions (looking at you, Gucci), but you can frequently buy high-quality, capacious duffle bags at reasonable prices.

What is a Duffle Backpack?

A Duffle Backpack—or Hybrid Duffle, as we refer to them here at Evatac—is a bag that tries to be both a backpack and a duffle. Most of the time, Duffle slants one way or the other—they're either a backpack or a duffle initially. The shape of the backpack duffle bag and the orientation of its arrangement can give you an indication.



Now that you know what duffle bags are, why duffle make great travel bags, and how duffle can enhance your two-bag system of packing. It's time to figure out which one is the best duffle bag for you! What will be most important to you when looking into duffle? No duffle carries every desirable duffel feature, so consider what your top priorities are. If you're looking for the toughest bag and best duffle bag, Evatac duffle bag is the best to go! Check it out today. 

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