How to Choose & Equip the Optimal Bug Out Bag?

Bug-out bags are what people think of when they think about survival or emergency preparedness gear. However, bug-out bags (BOBs) can be designed to suit any need a person might have in an emergency like a natural disaster.

Choosing a backpack is a challenging task. Choosing a bug-out bag is much more demanding. Because picking the wrong bag could result in you being left carrying the pack or worse. Aside from choosing a bag, we must also be equipped with survival skills.

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Choosing a Bug Out Bag

A bug-out bag should contain all of the necessary items to enable you to survive for at least three days. However, some people prefer to buy a pre-packaged, commercial bug-out bag because constructing one involves some significant thought and planning. If that's the case, you should consider some of the factors in choosing a bug-out bag.

You should consider the volume or your bug-out bag's capacity. It should hold more gear or supplies you needed. The standard for evaluating the ability of a backpack involves filling it with 20mm plastic balls. The packs are filled, then emptied. After that, the 20mm balls are poured into a measurement apparatus. According to the regulation, any compartments that are not completely sealed by zippers, such as shovel pockets, bottle holders, compression pockets, and so forth, should not be included in capacity calculations.

Also, consider the general sizing of the bag. Frame size, the structure has considerable stiffness, but it also has some flexibility, allowing the pack to move with your body. Internal Frame backpacks are smaller, allowing you to move your arms more freely while climbing or doing other sports. Consider the bag's materials as well. Seeing a pack in person makes everything so much easier. A quick visual assessment and touch can usually reveal if a backpack is made of poor material that can rip or tear easily. Our website offers a lot of quality bug out bags at


Selecting Size

In selecting the sizes, consider the height of average-sized individuals, petite individuals, and the general sizing.

  • Average-sized people are about 6 feet tall and can carry a 55-75 liter pack or a sizeable bug-out bag.
  • Petite people, who are about 5 feet tall and weigh about 105 pounds, would probably be fine with anything in the 55-liter range or smaller.
  • If you need to prepare for a large group, including small children, acquire the giant pack you can comfortably carry. Selecting a Bug Out Backpack is more of a journey than a destination. You won't panic out and kick yourself if you locate a perfect bag than your old one if you keep that in mind. You'll have to buy and try a lot of different packs before you find the one that's right for you, and even then, it might not be great in every situation. For example, I have a wife and three young girls. Therefore I need a bug-out pack containing food, shelter, sleeping bags, cook gear, bug repellent, clothes, and other essentials for more than half of the family.

Complete Bug out Bag Checklist

The following is a list of objects that we should have on or in your backpacks at all times to secure our survival.

  • Food and water= Camp stove, mess kit, Water packs (drinking water), camping utensils,
  • Shelter - A tarp or sleeping bag, survival blanket, space blankets, or a tent.
  • Fire and light - Fire steel, headlamp, an emergency candle, solar, and waterproof fire-starting materials.
  • Tools - Survival knife, hatchet, duct tape, sewing kit, wires or ropes, survival or emergency medical kit, and a camp shovel or fishing kit.
  • Clothing - Lightweight material, bandana, socks, wool stockings, bonnet, jacket, and raincoats.


Overlooked Bug out Bag Items

Fire equipment

  • Fire Steel: lighters can break, so having a backup is a brilliant idea.

Food Gear

  • Fishing Equipment: Everyone brings a fishing kit or gear, but what about a small fishing pole? The Pocket Fisherman is small enough to carry in a bug out backpack. Fishing YoYos would be useful for some automatic fish catching!
  • Snares: Capture some tiny game with a loop.
  • Camp bowls: not everyone can eat at the same time from the cooking pot. Sporks for each member of your group will have collapsible silicone bowls that take up almost no space. They'll be able to carry one on their own, so include one in each pack.
  • Spices for Camping: All the required ingredients for a good meal.

Navigation Aids

  • Compass: A good compass is usually a good idea, especially if you're traveling through the wilderness or on back roads. People don't realize how simple it is to wander in circles for days on end.
  • We're always promoting maps. We have to because if the SHTF and we need to hide and avoid any entanglements, you can be sure we won't have any electronic gadgets on us with which they can track or triangulate.


  • The workhorse of the rope world is paracord. It's impossible to have too much!
  • Zing It: There are occasions when you require a rope that is only 1.75 mm thick yet has a 400 lbs. breaking strength (This stuff is perfect for hammock ridge lines)
  • Lash It has the same thickness and strength as Zing It but in a more muted color.


Budget Bug-out Gears

Regardless of income or social status, everyone deserves a chance in life. The budget bug-out bag gear list will provide you with various options to help you save money while still providing you with reliable options for the bag and its contents to keep you alive during evacuation.

  1. backpacks
  2. survival manual
  3. survival knives
  4. light
  5. shelter
  6. tools
  7. water and food

All these gear has DIY to budget-friendly items for bugging out. Keep in mind. It will help if you put everything you think you need.

Five Essential Grab and Go Bug Out Bag Items

When you have to bug out, but you only take 5 items, here are five essential Grab and Go Bug out Bag Items that you should consider:

  1. Survival knife
  2. Tarp for shelter
  3. Cords or ropes
  4. Lighters
  5. Ready to eat foods and drinking water.

Reasons to Add a Frisbee

The Frisbee has demonstrated that it can serve various roles and functions as part of your bug-out bag or survival kit as a unique bug-out bag item. Because of the Frisbee's versatility, you may be able to eliminate several single-purpose things from your bag. Because it's pretty flat and light, you can stow it in the back sleeve of your pack. Here are some reasons to add a Frisbee in your Bug out Bag.

  • Water collecting tool: set it on the ground during a rainstorm to gather a few cups of water. Using a scoop, collect water from a stream. 
  • Food plate: you'll need something to eat off.
  • Use the bottom of the cutting board to chop things up.
  • Collect nuts, berries, edible plants, tinder shavings, etc., in a collection basket.
  • You could mash or grind various objects, plants, berries, or nuts in a mortar/pestle.
  • A Frisbee could be used as an emergency shovel to scoop snow or soft soil.
  • A Frisbee may be able to take down a small game, but it may also be thrown in an assailant's face as a weapon to create a distraction while you make your move or flee.
  • When it's hot, fan yourself to cool down, open your fire to keep it going, blow away the smoke, and fan out clouds if insects are present.
  • If you lose an oar in a kayak or canoe, you can use a paddle.

One more thing

For various reasons, a walking stick is handy in the woods, on the path, at the campsite, or even while striding down a sidewalk or road.

It can aid with balancing, crossing water (Rivers, Creeks, Brooks, and Streams), and hiking up and down hills. Assist you with a heavy pack or lean on it when you're resting. It can help reduce stress on your body. Like in your back, legs, knees, and feet.



Choosing a bug-out bag is difficult and time-consuming. When carrying such a helpful bag, you must consider capacity as well as your size. You should also make a list of the essential items that should include in your bug-out bags to assist you in surviving a survival crisis and being prepared. Our website offers a wide range of bug-out bags made of high-quality materials and dependable features at Evatac. co


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