How Important Is It to Have a Tactical Go-bag?

If you are a tactical enthusiast, then chances are you have heard of tac bags. But what exactly is a tac bag? A tac bag is a term for any backpack that has been custom fitted with the needs of an individual in mind. This means that anyone who wants to be prepared for anything can carry their tac bag with them at all times and not worry about being unprepared. It's important to consider having one because it could save your life!

What is in a Tactical Go-bag?

It's not enough to have the perfect go-bag, sling pack, or Tactical Bag; you also need to stuff it correctly. The following are the essentials for any go-bag:

  • Cash
  • Emergency blanket
  • Extra batteries for radios
  • Extra keys to your house and car
  • First-aid supplies
  • High-powered snacks
  • Important documents in sealed plastic bags
  • Knife, multi-tools
  • Lighter, flashlights, and matches
  • Personal toiletry items
  • Spare chargers for electronics
  • Water purification tablets

Other goods to consider include a shelter-half, a water purification kit, and a sleeping bag, depending on the type of disaster you're preparing for. Packing a go-bag for each member of your family may not always be feasible. If you're short on space, you might have to give up some of your extras or use a MOLLE system to attach pouches and sling packs, range bags to the outside of your bag.

Is it Smart to Have a Tactical Go-bag?

It is a smart move to have a tactical go bag; when emergencies occur, all you need is to have a bug-out bag with essential supplies inside that will last for three days up to 2 weeks supply. It is helpful for your survival needs, especially in critical situations or in the wilderness. 

Price, Size, and Quality of a Tactical Bug Out Bag

First and foremost, there is the price. Tactical backpacks are more expensive than conventional camping or hiking backpacks since they are composed of military-grade materials and usually have a MOLLE system.

Consider the following aspects when choosing your bag:

  • Storage compartments, both major and minor
  • Pockets made with mesh
  • Pockets with Velcro
  • Pouches are tiny pouches that are used to (both attached and removable)
  • Pull tabs on zippers
  • Pack straps that can be removed
  • Webbing for MOLLE
  • Loops and hooks
  • Straps on the shoulders (removable)
  • Handles to Snatch
  • ID holder
  • RFID-blocking wallet

Choose a tactical backpack that is the right size for your body type. When you're 6 feet tall, you don't want to get a tiny package! I've included a link to a page that will help you choose the ideal backpack for you. Loadout bags look to be slightly smaller than standard backpacks and many hiking backpacks. However, most tactical backpacks can carry up to 40 kg of gear and supplies because of the MOLLE system. In addition, there are military backpacks available with considerably more storage space. The majority of tactical backpacks are of excellent quality. They're typically made of military-grade materials, with straps and buckles rather than zippers, usually waterproof.

What's the Difference Between a Go-bag and a Bug-out Bag?

A Go Bag is designed to get you home safely in the event of a crisis or if your automobile breaks down in the middle of nowhere. It should have enough stuff to last you for two days, be lightweight and portable, and be durable. This type of bag is generally kept in a secure location outside of the house that you can easily reach, such as your car or a locker at work.

The most common sort of tactical bug out bag  is a 72-hour bug-out bag. As the name implies, it should provide you with equipment and food to last at least 72 hours, allowing you to arrive at your goal safely. Although tactical backpacks can be used as a foundation for the Bug Out Bag, tactical bags are designed for military usage and are not the same as the 72-hour bag. Hopefully, you will never have to protect your life or the lives of others you care about. However, if this occurs, you must respond with sufficient force to repel your adversary. As a result, defending, guarding, and surviving any onslaught will result in triumph.

What are the Loops on a Tactical Backpack?

Webbing loops sewed into your bag are known as backpack loops. They allow you to attach various equipment and tools to your backpack, making carrying different items more accessible.

Daisy chains are loops that are designed in a series and are found on some tactical backpacks. Individually looped bags will also be available for purchase. The most frequent and widely utilized material for constructing these loops is reinforced nylon. This is because nylon is solid and resilient, making it ideal for carrying big objects.

These loops are available in a variety of forms and sizes. More extensive, thicker coils are explicitly developed to carry large, bulky equipment. On the other hand, thinner and smaller tactical backpack loops are designed to hold smaller, lighter gadgets.

How to use Tactical Backpack Loops?

These loops are simple to set up and will make your next journey much easier to handle. However, as previously stated, if you do not use the loops wisely, your experience may be the polar opposite. It should go without saying that how you use them will influence whether you have a bad or good time with them.

Most loops only require you to use a carabiner or a webbing strap to attach your gear. It's critical to make sure that heavy objects are firmly anchored and sturdy. It's also a good idea to distribute the weight of the goods you hang from the loops. If you use a carabiner to fasten a big piece of equipment to the left side of your backpack, you'll want to use the circles on the right side to attach any other tools. Carrying the bag will be a lot more pleasant and manageable as a result of this.

What Equipment is Used for the Chest Rig?

Let's talk about the chest rig for a moment. 

We could do this in various ways, from traditional nylons carriers to loaded down plate carriers and MOLLE vests. Although my focus is on the freestanding version, the knowledge is also applicable to plate carriers and other techniques. It's true whenever you're putting a heavier burden on your torso.

In our load-carrying series, we've mostly talked about carrying the combat weight around the waist, which distributes the load to the hips. This has long been the preferred location for militaries around the world, dating back to the Romans. It wasn't, however, the only option.

During Vietnam, the so-called chest rig rose to prominence. Throughout the war, Chinese-made Type 56 canvas rigs dominated the NVA stockpile for transporting AK-47 magazines. Many US special operations personnel stole or duplicated the design to better blend in or employ enemy weaponry.

Situation When This Kind Of Bag is Best

Tactical backpacks are designed to hold enough gear to last you a day or two at most, so they're not ideal for a 72-hour bag. As a result, military BOB is meant to keep you mobile, prepared, and ready to meet hostile or enemy combatants.

It would also be beneficial for citizens to consider purchasing such a bag. But, unfortunately, most preppers and survivalists only think of outlasting and surviving a natural or artificial calamity in an SHTF scenario. However, some experts warn that the main threat is defending against survivors who have lost all decency and humanity. In addition, you may be called upon to protect your family, town, or country.


In the case of a catastrophe or if your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, a Go Bag is designed to get you home safely. It should be large enough to last two days, lightweight and portable, and long-lasting. A tac bag is a term that refers to any backpack that has been custom fitted to meet the needs of a certain person.


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