Best Under Steering Wheel Holsters

Guns are a hot topic in today's society, and gun owners want to carry their guns with them wherever they go. However, many gun owners don't know how to safely store their guns in the car when not being used. A gun in the glovebox is an accident waiting to happen, so if you're looking for a safe place to store your weapon while driving then check out these under steering wheel holsters and gun mount cars.

Under Steering Wheel Holsters

The universal car gun holster mount, which is not simply an under-the-steering-wheel holster, is one of the best automobile gun mount functions with conceal carry. It comes with a long strap that allows you to wear the holster around most automobile and truck seats or between your legs.

The nylon holster is ambidextrous and features a magazine bag for auto pistols, while it can also accommodate most small to medium-sized revolvers. In addition, the holster's standard 70-inch strap should allow it to be positioned behind the steering wheel or around the seat gun mount of almost any truck or car.

It will suit many small to medium-sized pistols with under-slide lasers or Tac lights because the side straps are adjustable, and the gun holster is pretty broad. If you have a giant gun with optics, you should contact the manufacturer before purchasing.

Ragnar Industries Tac-Mag Gun Magnet

The Ragnar Industries gun magnet is two neodymium magnets placed side by side to boost your gun's surface area coverage. A magnet option isn't a holster in the truest sense, but it's great for folks who need quick access. The 35-pound carrying weight is more than adequate to support practically any gun, and the magnet has been thoroughly tested to ensure that country road or minor bumps will not dislodge your weapon.

The benefit of employing a magnet is that it can be used in various places, from under a table to under your steering wheel. The interest is also powerful enough to hold your gun at the top of the slide or in a sideways position.

Grand Gun Works Ride Ready Car Holster

The Grand Gun Works ambidextrous holster is composed of genuine leather. It's made to accommodate the majority of revolvers and auto-pistols. The holster comes with a nylon strap for attaching it to the underside of your steering column, but it's crucial to remember that it won't work with automobiles that have airbags under the steering wheel. The holster comes in two colors: black and brown, and it's simple to put in your automobile. Unfortunately, the holster lacks a retention strap, which may be an issue with a universal holster designed to accommodate all weapons. However, this may not be an issue for all users. As is often the case, Universal holsters are a good fit for some pistols but not so much for others.

COJO MFG. Gun Mount Holster for Car, Under Steering Wheel

The COJO is a plastic holster with magnets on the inside that firmly holds your gun. Almost all auto-pistols and certain revolvers will fit in the holster. However, it's best to verify with the manufacturer before purchasing a handgun if you already own one.

On the outside of the COJO is an extra magnetic strip for a spare magazine. The holster's design and locking screws allow it to be used at home and in the automobile. The holster is simple to install in your vehicle, but there is one issue that you should be aware of.

Because the holster is screwed to the underside of the steering wheel, when it is removed, it will create holes. Another problem is that two screws may not be secure enough when attached to the plastic under your steering wheel with heavier firearms.

Gum Creek Vehicle Handgun Mount

Although the Gum Creek car gun mount is not a holster, we included it in our best picks because it allows you to use your holster, which will most likely fit your gun better than a universal type holster.

The vehicle mount can be used with any holster that has a clip or a belt loop. Metal hooks and a nylon rope secure the attachment underneath your steering wheel. Gum Creek also sells adaption kits for the few cars that the regular mount does not fit. The adapter kits are available for purchase individually.

Because a right-handed holster will attach with the grip facing the opposite direction and vice versa for left-handed holsters, the mount will operate best with ambidextrous holsters and a vehicle-mounted holster.

Buyer's Guide for Under Steering Wheel Holsters

If you choose to carry a gun, you must make it a habit. When you leave your gun at home and have a lot of driving to do, it will be much more challenging to maintain your daily pattern of carrying a weapon. Murphy's Law suggests that now is the time when you'll need your pistol the most. Even if your holster isn't attached to your body, it must remain secure. You may need to come to an abrupt halt when driving, or you may be traveling on bumpy country roads. In any case, a steering wheel holster must withstand the demands of driving while safely and securely carrying your gun using car gun mount.

Although all of the holster alternatives will fit snugly beneath your steering wheel, it's still vital to consider the pistol in the holster. We do not recommend leaving a gun in your car for extended periods for ethical reasons. Any automobile thief would benefit from an additional bonus. Therefore, a steering wheel holster should only be a temporary convenience solution to make driving more comfortable and weapon accesses faster while seated.


In most places, carrying a weapon under your steering wheel or near your car seat is considered "carrying concealed." To stay safe, go to our page that breaks down open and concealed carry laws in each state by clicking on this link.

You may be pretty familiar with your state's rules, but it's always a good idea to double-check while driving out of state, especially if you do a lot of out-of-state driving.


Any situation requiring the use of a firearm necessitates a certain amount of responsibility and preparedness. Your car's interior is no different. Murphy's Law states that "if something can go wrong, it will." For those unfamiliar with the Law, it claims that "if something can go wrong, it will." If something can't possibly go wrong, it will.

Even if you merely want a steering wheel holster for driving and another holster for when you get out of your car, awareness and preparation are essential. You're in limited space if you have to draw your gun inside your car. Furthermore, your automobile glass or windshield may be restricting your line of fire.


It's always a good idea to practice drawing your gun from a seated position and to seek advice from some expert instructors at your local gun range about the best defense strategies for circumstances that occur inside your vehicle. With a concealed carry permit for car holsters or for a concealed weapon with respect to the gun laws.

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