9 Best Survival Tools And Gear You Should Have For SHTF

Many people are starting to realize that survival is a real thing now more than ever. Whether natural disasters, political unrest, or terrorism, the world has become an increasingly dangerous place. The best way to prepare for survival is by having the right survival gear with you at all times. If you find yourself in a survival situation and don't have it on hand, your chances of living drop - so make sure you have all of the survival tools and gear below!

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Solar Hand Crank Battery Operated Flashlight

Prepare for the unexpected with this solar-powered rechargeable flashlight that you can spin by hand. Take it with you when you go trekking or camping to use as a flashlight in an emergency.

This may appear simple, but it is an essential survival gear. The hand crank LED flashlight operates without the use of batteries or energy. You'll never run out of light when you need it, thanks to a solar panel that stores energy and a windup hand crank that generates it.

These will assist you in finding your way in the dark and are a safer alternative to candles. They can also aid in the detection of danger and be employed for self-defense. After all, if the light is dim and you shine a flashlight in an assailant's eyes, you will temporarily blind them, allowing you to flee or gain the upper hand in a fight.

Portable Pocket Multi-Tool

You never know when you'll find yourself in a situation needing a screwdriver, pliers, can opener, or knife. So it's always best to be prepared with EDC gear like an all-in-one portable pocket multi-tool.

It's a portable all-in-one gadget that every survivalist should have in their survival gear. It's small that it'll fit in your pocket, and it comes with a rugged nylon pouch that you can wear on your hip.

Because of their versatility, multi-tools are incredibly handy. Of course, they don't make the best knife, screwdriver, or pliers, but in a pinch, you can use a multi-tool for all of these things (and a lot more), and they're also a lot lighter than carrying around a whole tool bag.

Survival Hatchet

In a wilderness survival situation, a good hatchet can be a savior when building shelters and processing firewood. It's also quite helpful when you're merely camping in the nearby woods.

Water Filter Bottle

A human can go three weeks without eating, but this is not the case with water. Without water, the average person can only last three days. So not only should you bring more food and water than you think you'll need for your trip in case of delays, but you should also include a water filter bottle.

You may need to collect and prepare water to stay hydrated while waiting for help or to hike out in a survival situation. You may also need water so that you may use it to clean wounds, repair gear, or cook food.

Survival Knife

One of the most important survival tools is a survival knife. You should always have one in your survival kit- it's essential for survival and could save your life!

A knife is a vital tool when practicing survival skills because they're extremely beneficial. You can use the blade of a survival knife for protection if the need arises. You can use survival knives to cut, dig holes, slice food, and do many other things!


Outdoor Cook Set

An outdoor cooking set is a survival tool that you should have in your survival kit when it comes to survival skills. You can't go wrong with an outdoor cook set!

You're going to need some tools for cooking out there - especially if you want to eat anything other than cold rations and fast food. Having the proper equipment for campfire cooking will make a massive difference in your survival skills.

A quality camping cook set should include at least one Dutch oven, which can be used for baking and boiling water and cooking other food items. A frying pan is also necessary if you plan to fry anything over the fire or heat your MREs with some extra goodies inside them.

A survival knife may be an all-purpose knife, but it's not going to cut into the food you eat. You'll need some cooking utensils for your cook set if you want to make anything more than MREs. This is a vital survival skills tip that every survivalist should remember!


Without a rope, it's going to be challenging to make a shelter. But, on the other hand, survival rope is the perfect tool for constructing all kinds of things in the wilderness - including shelters and traps!

A rope can also come in handy when you need something durable enough to tow your vehicle or lift heavy objects off the ground. They're the survival tools that you never want to leave home without!

First Aid

A medical kit can be pretty helpful, primarily if you've found yourself in a survival situation due to illness or an accident. Consider including goods that can double as survival gear in addition to Band-Aids and antibiotic ointment for cuts and scrapes. ACE bandages, gauze pads for larger wounds, splints for supporting fractures, steri-strips to assist close wounds with uneven edges, and alcohol prep pads for various uses are all available.

By choosing a first-aid package built for outdoor survival, you can eliminate many guessing. Always have one with you (the last thing you want is for it to be in your car at the trailhead or your campsite a few miles away when disaster strikes). It's also a good idea to get a second first aid kit and keep it in your car, especially if you go car camping or live in a camper.


In this survival guide, we've covered the different types of survival tools that you should have with you in a survival situation. Whether camping or SHTF, all-purpose tools are nice to have on hand but won't help if there is no other civilization for miles around.

It's essential to purchase high-quality survival tools gear that stands up to the test of time. It should last a long time, especially if you're practicing survival skills frequently! Our Evatac team offers the best quality survival tools and gear for any survival and disaster situation. 

Having all of these tools with you will undoubtedly make your SHTF experience more enjoyable and comfortable. Make sure to practice survival skills so that when disaster strikes, you'll be ready for it!

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