4 Steps to Sizing Your Bug Out Bag Backpack Correctly

Bug Out Bag

The bug out bag is necessary for any prepared person, whether it be a simple bug out or a natural disaster. If you are preparing for the worst, you want to have one ready with everything that will keep your family alive in an emergency situation. This is a 72-hour evacuation preparedness kit for use when you are forced to leave your home quickly, and you don't know when you might return. This will also test your survival skills.

Bug-out bags come in all shapes and sizes, but some significant considerations need to be made when it comes to picking the right backpack size. Follow these 4 steps and find the perfect bug-out bag backpack size!  

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Steps To Sizing Your Bug Out Bag

At first glance, creating a bug out bag appears to be straightforward: purchase a backpack, stuff it with a survival kit, survival gear, and first aid kit, and you're ready to go. In actuality, properly sizing and packing your bug out bag requires a great deal of consideration — it all begins with your go-bag!

The optimal size backpack for a bug out bag varies greatly based on the size and weight of the person carrying the bag, their fitness – particularly their ability to pack the bag – and the duration of the bug out.

Let's explore how to choose the best bug out bag for you, figure out how much weight you can carry, and backpack suggestions based on capacity and height.


Figure out How Long you Will be Bugging Out to Determine Capacity

The most crucial step in establishing the optimal bug out backpack size is knowing how long you'll be bugging out for. Calculating the time frame will assist you in determining your backpack's liter capacity requirements. To begin, think about who, where, and how you'll bug out. A usual bug out bag lasts 72 hours. However it can be as short as 24 hours and as long as 5 days or longer. After bugging out, you can find yourself in a long-term survival situation, which means your bug out bag will have to survive an unlimited amount of time.

You should also select a bug out bag that will last as long as you require for an on-foot excursion. I don't think you'll be able to chuck your stuff in your car and drive away. Riots, barricades, and roadblocks are all possible outcomes. You may have run out of gas or need to abandon your vehicle halfway through your bug out mission. There are far too many variables to rely on a car, so get ready to walk!

We recommend buying a higher-end backpack with a frame if your bag holds more than 60 liters. These enormous backpacking packs require a lot of skill and energy to carry, so they're not recommended for beginners or anyone who aren't in good physical shape. A bug out backpack, in actuality, should not be a large bag. It should be simple to pick up and transport.

Figuring out How Much Weight to Put into your Bug Out Backpack

How much you put in your bug out backpack depends on how much you can carry and how long you can carry it. For each individual, this is a unique circumstance. Fitness, stamina, endurance, age, and whether or not you smoke can impact on how much weight you can carry. It would be best if you made sure also that you only put essential things on your bug out bag, such as an emergency kit, food, water, self-defense tool, and survival gear. You can put fishing kit and sleeping bag as long as you can still fit all your basic essential needs and if it would allow to the capacity of your bag.

Using the following guidelines as a guideline: The weight of your bag should not exceed 20% of your body weight. For example, if you're 180 pounds, your backpack shouldn't weigh more than 36 pounds.

When it comes to bugging out, finding the proper amount of weight is tricky because your pack will rapidly get heavy, especially if you're carrying ammo and water.

To determine your essential weight, I recommend beginning by weighing your fundamental essentials. Petite people may find that the essential base weight meets or exceeds their carrying capacity, requiring them to overextend their carrying capacity. Step on a scale without the bag first and weigh yourself to determine the weight of your bug out bag. Then, with the bag on, walk on the scale. Subtract your weight from the bag's overall weight.

Getting the Right Fit for your bug out backpack

Only a few people (apart from serious hikers) think about how well their backpack fits them. However, when choosing the finest bug out backpack, I believe fit is vital because you'll want to be as comfortable as possible when dragging supplies through a survival situation.

Instead of depending on your overall height, take a torso measurement to ensure proper fit. The backpack waist belt should also fit appropriately because your hips should bear the majority of the weight of your bag.

Consider the Features of the Backpack

Pockets, hydration reservoirs, and comfort elements such as ventilation and frames can all help you improve your bug out bag. These products, on the other hand, can add weight to your backpack.

I recommend investing in a backpack with a MOLLE system so you can add extra pockets and hang tools from your pack without sacrificing the main compartment.

If you need to shed some weight and size on your bug out adventure, you can take a smaller bag within your larger backpack.

Bug Out Backpack Recommendations

We've put up a selection of backpacks that we think would make good bug out bags:


The EVATAC™ Khaki Combat Backpack is the company's flagship backpack, offering adaptability that few other packs can match.

In the wild, this powerful pack flourishes. Whatever you throw at the Desert Storm, you can rest assured that it will hold up! The Desert Storm CB35 is an excellent choice for individuals who are just starting on their outdoor adventure journeys, as well as those who have completed all of them.

With full-length padded shoulder straps to keep you going on long walks, or fully waterproof segregated pockets to keep your things organized, this pack is ready to go. You may increase the storage capacity of this backpack by using well-designed backpack webbing and Molle storage solutions.

This backpack is ideal for camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, climbing, mountaineering, travelling and many other outdoor activities.



The EVATAC™ Assault Backpack is a one-of-a-kind bag. This pack is as dark as darkness and is ideal for a quick bug-out bag, with enough storage for everything from day trips to overnight stays. When you think of a high-performance multi-purpose pack, this is the one that comes to mind. It may be used as a tactical backpack, a range pack, or an emergency bug-out bag, which is what I choose to use it for.

The Blackout will quickly become your go-to "every-day" pack. It's light, compact, and has a solid structure. In addition, it's the ideal pack for an active lifestyle because it has chest and waist straps that assist in distributing weight change evenly on your person. So, when you go for a run, this bag isn't going anywhere. There will be no bouncing and no lost energy. 

This is the ideal pack for camping, hiking, hunting, cycling, climbing, and other outdoor activities.



The EVATAC™ Jungle Camo Combat Backpack is a flagship backpack, offering versatility that few other packs can match.

This tough pack thrives in the wilderness. Whatever you throw at the Desert Storm, you can be sure it will hold up! The Desert Storm CB35 is an excellent choice for individuals who are just getting started with outdoor adventures or for those who have done them all.

With full-length padded shoulder straps to keep you going on long walks, or fully waterproofed separate compartments to keep your things organized, this pack is ready for you.

You may expand the storage capacity of this pack by using well-designed backpack webbing and Molle storage solutions.

Like the Khaki Combat Backpack, this backpack is also ideal for camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, climbing, mountaineering, traveling, and many other outdoor activities. To know more of these, contact our team today at Evatac.co. We offer the best bug out bag for your bug out needs!


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